Silver Lake Sand Dunes…AKA Traveling with 4 Kids

Charlie and the Giant

This weekend the 6 of us went on an adventure to visit my In-Laws at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. Half the adventure was, of course, figuring out how to pack and transport all of us without losing our sanity.  First I want to yell a shout out to our minivan. I am sorry that I dreaded your purchase and thought that it would dampen my style. You rock and couldn’t have done this trip with out you. So much storage! The ability to change the temp blowing in different parts of the car!The glorious DVD/Blu-Ray player! We turned on Monsters Inc and the older two were awesomely calm and we got to listen to a narrated version upfront…who knew!

The Minivan

There were definitely times that I wanted to pull my hair out, like when we stupidly gave the boys hard shell tacos and they proceeded to lose half of said taco all over the back seat.  Or the million of times ‘Blanky’ decided to fall on the floor and I had to thank yoga for giving me the ability to climb over seats, diaper bags, fun bags and car seats to retrieve him… again… jerk (yes I blame Blanky, he can be a hero and he can be a villain) (Maybe I should start calling him Harvey ‘Two Face’) (Oh Batman)

It was well worth it. The views, the boys playing with their cousins and seeing Nana, Papa, Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa and getting to check out the place where I know they are going to have loads of amazing memories as they get older.  AND TOYS! OH THE DUNE TOYS! I don’t know who is more excited about that. Me, the husband or Charlie (the oldest of my minions) Jeeps, Broncos, Razors, Dune Buggies. SO COOL! I got to go for a ride in my In-Laws new custom dune Jeep. FUUUUUUN!


Can’t wait to go again. Even if it means having to bend in new ways to feed the babies a bottle while they are strapped in their car or having to share a room with all 4 boys. It was amazing.

Now was there any diet or exercise while on this mini vacation? EH yes and no. I admit, I am a little disappointed in myself for not staying completely on course.  Saturday IS our cheat day and we weren’t horrible but didn’t offset it with a lot of calorie burning. Well unless you count chasing 4 kids. Although, I do have to say that walking the dune hills did help. The calves and glutes were VERY much pushed to a good degree but I wish I went the next step and added in a beach run or some body weight strength training. Today I will be making it up a bit at the gym. But hey, got some great photographs while walking the dunes!

Deadwood Giant The Lighthouse


Week 1 Fitness AKA Waist Chasing

Monday: Meet with Personal Trainer @6AM, strength training for 1 hour. Cardio 30 Minutes. Cardio = Max incline walk on treadmill at 2.5 speed set

Tuesday: Jack woke up 3x during the night…I’m sleeping in!

Wednesday: 30 Min Cardio. Strength Training for Back/Triceps/Shoulders: Lat Pull Down, Cable Row, Triangle Push ups, Shoulder Press 3×12

*note to self: make sure to use enough weight to really push yourself, but not so much you hurt yourself

Thursday: 30 Min Cardio. Strength Training for Chest/Arms: Pull ups, Chest Press, Rear Lateral Raises, Dumb Bell Chest Flies, Bicep Curls

Friday: 30 Min Cardio. Strength Training for Legs/Butt: Weighted Squats, Walking Lunges, Sumo Squats, Leg Press, Quad extensions

*Please note: I am so not a professional trainer….so consult one before venturing forth!

Saturday: REST! YAY! and its cheat day for the diet..double yay!

Sunday: Yoga class

Hey, I’m New Here


Hi, So yeah, I’m Chantal 🙂 I have 4 lil men: Charlie (4), Ethan (2), Miles (6M) and Jack (6M) and married to a wonderful Marine-Vet-Now-In-Sales guy, Brian.  We have recently committed to getting into the best shape of our lives.

I decided to create this blog for a couple of reasons: 1) Creative outlet/escape from the living room mayhem 2) Keep myself accountable for getting in shape 3) Meet some like-minded people. I’m very excited (and a bit nervous) about this new endeavor and hopefully I will inspire others to wade on in! I’m sure this post will eventually make it into a ‘About Me’  section, once I figure out how to make it….but bear with me, we will make it through this initial learning period together.

Hey, A Picture! This is the husband and myself at Glacier National Park in Montana. We love hiking, probably the key thing we look for when vacationing. This picture is from before I was pregnant with the twins. In fact…pretty sure this trip lead to the twins…


Here are my four boys, they help keep us VERY active and are a great source of inspiration to stay active and get in shape. I had gestational diabetes while pregnant and from initial pre-baby to now post- baby, have gained about 20-25 pounds. My husband at least equaled that and we both want to shed the weight and do our best to make sure I don’t have the problem with diabetes in the future. Not to mention I want to look good…you know… in the bedroom… (Grandma, Grandpa if you are reading this…sorry!)

photo 5 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2

Cute lil guys aren’t they?

So here goes forth my chronicles through multi-boyhood, video games, sports, dirt, mess, chaos and fitness!