Halloween! ….but its snowing… AKA a post full of BUT…and costumes…and dots…

JakeBlumburg MilesJackson

Hmmm to take the kids trick-or-treating or not? The babies will definitely stay at home with dad. The older two are uber wimps when it comes to being cold (much like their mother), but they (and by they I mean the oldest who actually understands whats going on and wants candy and the two year old ONLY because he wants to follow big brother everywhere or cast ever lasting evil upon those around him). There are places like the mall that has indoor trick-or-treating, but that’s cheating! So I’m thinkin just trick-or-treating to the neighbor’s and some family houses. But ugh. Its gonna be rough.


But gotta have a chance to show off the costumes again! And to raid candy bags! And to wear my awesome AHS inspired costume again!

EdwardMoredrake2 EdwardMoredrake1

But this…



Paleo-ish: Ginger Salmon, Cauliflower Garlic ‘Mashed Potatoes and Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus


Yesterday we made one of my favorites and added a couple new sides to it.

Main dish: Ginger Salmon. This one is super easy. I just throw a big salmon Filet in an aluminum foil packet on a sheet pan. In a small bowl I mix soy sauce (maybe 1/4 cup?), freshly grated ginger, couple tbsp of chopped green onion, fresh lime juice and a lil sweet chili sauce. Mix it up, throw it on top of the salmon. Cover with foil and cook at 350 for about 25 minutes.


Side #1: Cauliflower Garlic ‘Mashed Potatoes’: Chopped up a head of cauliflower and steamed it along with 5 cloves of garlic and a small palmful of salt for about 10 minutes. Threw it in the food processor with some butter and nutmeg and served. Not bad, the boys LOVED it. I was a lil eh, but might play with spices and see if I can bump it up a notch. It def works for a healthy carb-free mashed potato alternative though! (Ethan says NOMNOMNOM)




Side #2: Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus. Another super easy one! Chop off the ends of the asparagus. Throw around with some oil of choice (olive, avacado, ect) and some sea salt. Wrap strips of prosciutto around asparagus and throw on a sheet pan. Broil for 8 minutes. NOMNOMNOM SO GOOD! OMG! Yeah I loved this. Even better when dipped in some balsamic vinegar. Srsly I could eat this for days.


Firehouse Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser…AKA OMG FIRETRUCKS!!!


This weekend we went to the Knollwood Firehouse Pancake Breakfast and it was awesome! I only took the older two boys (along with Gramma) and the husband stayed home w. the babies.  The boys loved it (and mama loved looking at cute firemen!) They loved the pancakes, loved going in the firetrucks and talking to a real fireman.  To make the pancakes they had this giant griddle, I kinda want it like now. Would make pancake makin’ a lot faster when the twins get older!


The boys got to go in the driver seat, crawl all over the rear and play with some of the buttons. And the fireman helped them in and out of the firetrucks (lucky kids, they get all the fun)

FiremanCharlie DriveFiretruck FiremanEthan

Great times checking out the firetrucks, firemen (Srsly) and supporting one of the local firehouses! I wish they did it more than once a year, we would go everytime!

Feeding the Ducks

BrothersBridge BrothersDucks

My mom and I took the older boys to feed ducks over the weekend. It was pretty hilarious. Ethan kept yelling quack at them (QUACK, DUCK! QUACK!), pretty sure he thought they were having a conversation and he was taking turns feeding them bread and eating it himself. (One for you, two for me)

EthanonBridge    FallEthan

Charlie loved just seeing how far he could throw the bread and watching the ducks race toward it. He kept yelling ‘DUCKS! I HAVE BREAD, DUCKS! MOM THE DUCKS LOVE ME!’  (Such dapper young dudes, aye?)

Threw in a picture of him earlier in the week playing soccer. This is after he scored a goal! So proud.  The kid loves soccer. At this age (4) it’s not exactly structured, but they are starting to better understand the construct of the game (MOB BALL!). They almost never stayed in bound (Charlie  was more interested in the cones as hats) but they had so much fun.

CharlieBridge      CharlieSoccer

Then got some great autumn nature shots this week as well.





Thursday Top Ten: Video Games


Oh video games. How many hours of my life have been sucked into to RPGs and Adventure games? Who knows, it’s a lot. But its been fun! The hours have diminished significantly since I had kids, but every once in a while I get to squirrel away an hour to kick some dragon butt or explore a new world. Here are the top ten that I escape to or reminisce about

1. Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Oldie but a goodie. That damn Water Temple, but love the music
2. Fable 1
I was srsly hooked on this one. The ability to steer toward good or evil was awesome and love the quests. Also great music. Thank you Danny Elfman

3. Assassin’s Creed 2
I love the art history in this game! And I really want to learn how to climb buildings now.

4. Elder Scroll’s: Skyrim
Dragons! The Graphics! The giant world to explore!

5. World of Warcraft
What held the Husband and I together when we were dating long distance!

6. The Curse of Monkey Island
Oh the memories of this on my preteen computer…and now the app on my iPhone

7. Dragon Age: Origins
Alistair, I love thee

8. Knights of the Old Republic 1
Star Wars RPG, come on!

9. Sid Meyers Pirates
Love that you play a lifetime and can try to go for different goals. Avenge your family, become the # 1 pirate, find all the treasure!
10. Fable 3
The steampunk vibe is awesome in this one.


Fun with Baby Eyebrows and Cookies

IMG_0768 IMG_0780

Inspired by Katyroleigh’s Post below I decided it was time to have some fun and see what the babies would look like with giant eyebrows. Here is Katyroleigh’s post below. Check out her pictures, she is way better at drawing brows than me!


What did I learn from this fun endeavor?

1. Drawing eyebrows on babies is hard! ( Can you put a baby in a headlock? jk!)

2. When  you really want to get a picture they become major wiggle worms (omgstandstill!)

3. If big brother comes in while doing said power brow photo shoot, he will demand eyebrows of his own (hehehehehe)


And then ask to make cookies (nice shorts, kid…hmmm those could be the babies 9M pants…)


One-on-One Time: Ethan


Today I had a chance to hang out with Ethan. Just me and him. This doesn’t happen very often. Usually big brother comes with or Charlie is off doing an activity so I split my time between the younger three.  I try to make sure I spend at least 15 minutes a day just focused on each one of my boys so they each feel the love, not always possible but I try. Today was a special treat. A whole hour just me and Ethan! We went for a walk and it was wonderful!

FullSizeRender   EthanWalk4

Ethan is so social when his big brother isn’t around to do the talking for him! Anytime we met someone on the path he would say Hi and Bye. He gave a leaf to a lady walking her dog. We met an elderly couple on the walk and he RARed at them, ran up and gave them both a high five. They loved it!  We saw a firetruck and Ethan made the fire truck siren noise for a good 10 minutes. Lots of ‘Whatsdat?” questions answered and loads of running around (some him, some me chasing him down out of peoples backyards). Showed no fear with dogs we met on the path, which had me chasing him as well, trying to teach him to wait for permission before saying hi to a doggy so the owner can say if the dog is good with rugrats or not. Never had to worry about that with Charlie. He is my cautious baby. Ethan, however, has NO FEAR! Of anything! Scares the crap out of me. And he is rocking those dinosaur pants 🙂

FullSizeRender_4 FullSizeRender_3

He got a bit grumpy when it was time to get in the stroller and head home but I like to think he was just mad that his one-on-one time with mom was done and he would have to share me again.  So then it was back to our noisy house and all the crazy boys!

Top Ten Thursday : Books

I am a lover of lists. They are all over my house, my purse, my calendars. They drive my husband nuts. But I love them and cannot live without them. So I will dedicate my Thursday Posts to lists. Just because they are glorious.

The fountainhead TimeTravelersWife

Today’s List: Top Ten Books

1. The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
Love the message about being true to yourself. If you live for superficially for others rather than yourself, you will fall apart.

2. The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
The relationship of Claire and Henry while they cope with his genetic disorder that causes Henry to lose his grip in NOW.

3. Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
This will always be my favorite Austen book. I love that the central love story is of the sisters and how their different personalities compliment each other while they move closer and away from each other.

4. Lets Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson
I love this book because I can so closely relate to it. It’s about a woman (a blogger!) with Generalized Anxiety Disorder who had a very interesting childhood in Texas and how her disorder affects her married and daily life. Its hilarious and having similar issues, helps me see the humor in my life.

5. Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton
OMG The book is so much better than the movie! And it made me feel smart 🙂

6. Quiet by Susan Cain
This is a book about introversion and its awesome.  It helped me nail on the head that one of my issues as an introvert is that I get over-sensitized by the environment that I am in. If too much is going on around me, the TV is too loud, I don’t like it! I’m not really shy or anything, in face if a person gets me talking, I don’t shut up. I just prefer to be in my little bubble. The husband and kids are for the most part in there with me, unless they are being a chaotic sh!tstorm, then I might have to take a break and be alone after an hour or two, but you get what I’m saying, at least the introverts do 🙂

7. The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson
I live in the burbs of Chicago, so that could be part of the reason this one is on my list. That and the dark love of serial killer novels and history. This is based on the true story of a serial killer during the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893.

8. The Witching Hour by Anne Rice
Anne Rice rocks. The vampire series is a close second to this one, but I chose this one because I have a fascination with witches and psychic abilities. This book follows the Mayfair family who with the aid of a spirit and their own special abilities gain power and wealth in the south. This follows their history. I really want the Talamasca to be real!

9. The Hunger Games
Yeah that’s right! I love this honkin’ book. I will reread Catching Fire from time to time, but usually skip Mockingjay. The first book in the trilogy however, I will reread again and again.

10. A Song of Fire and Ice series by George R.R. Martin
Game of Thrones! Come on! Who doesn’t love these books! All the crazy nuances and mystery! You know nothing, Jon Snow! Khaleesi! Arya! R+L=J!

The Twins and Solid Food Feedings…Aka Baby Food, Baby Food EVERYWHERE


One of the questions I have come across with the twins is how to feed them in the most efficient manner. Solid food has renewed that challenge. Should I feed them at the same time or one after the other? In a ‘bumpo’ seat or supported sit position like a rock-n-play or baby lounger? How do you get them to stop spitting their food all over the honkin’ place?

At first I fed them side by side in ‘bumpo’-like seats. It was successful at first, but they started having problems hunching over as they got taller and there were worries when taking one twin out of the ‘bumpo’ and cleaning him off while leaving another twin in the seat unsupervised. If even in that seat alone for a minute, I get nervous about one of them toppling. (OK so yeah it happened…ONCE!) Now I feed them in their Rock N Plays and take turns. Getting them to actually keep 75% of their food in their mouths has been a learning experience for all, even though I have been through this twice previous.  The wrist action totally goes out the window when you don’t use it in two years. In the beginning I would have to hold the spoon in there for a couple of seconds so they could suck on the spoon. But now they are both champs and get ‘hangry’ between bites! (Seriously, this is why Jack is AKA Porkchop) (Well that and his adorable thunder thighs)  They even try to steal the spoon. Also you can track their eyes all over the room with their precious food…its a fun game. Miles is doing it below.

jackFood                            MilesFood

Routine is more like this:
1-Feed Miles
2-Change and bathe Miles
3-Feed Jack
4-Change and bathe Jack
5-Put the babies to bed

What I feed them:
I have stuck to Gerber Organics bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, squash and pears. I have started introducing less sweet veggies such as peas and green beans and yeah….they didn’t like it one bit! (I wish I had a picture of the ‘what-the-F-is-this’ face, its awesome)

Then I mixed the veggie with a fruit in a bowl (for example green beans with apple) and yay! success!
They have now been tricked into eating veggies! Just like Ethan, gotta sneak it in. (MUHAHAHAHAHAH) Charlie, however, loves veggies. Mushrooms, spinach, sweet potatoes. That kid cannot get enough! Feeding the twins, and all four boys, is very much an adventure!