Haircuts for Little Boys

EthanBefore charlieBEfore

So I looked at my two older boys and saw that they had mops on their heads. Syrup magnet mops. HAIRCUT DAY!!!

Above is a before picture. I opt to do it myself with my brood of boys. Trust me, the first 5 or 6 times were…interesting… some very uneven spots here and there…


But I got better at it over time. So don’t be upset if it turns out like this the first time! Its totally normal and hey, they need some good pictures for you to show to girlfriends later!

For Charlie I used a 1/8″ comb on the back and sides and a 1/2″ on the top. I go up the back to pretty much half way up and the sides about the outer eyebrow width apart. Really I just eyeball it and make sure its symmetrical. Start from the bottom and smoothly go upward against the grain. Next time I will try to get pictures during the process. Hmm maybe I’ll try a video…  For Ethan I bribe him to stay still with cookies, use a 3/8″ on the side and back and just used scissors to shorten the top a little bit. I like it long on top for him. Here are the after shots!

CharlieAfter2 CharlieAfter1

EthanAfter2 EthanAFter1


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