The Twins and Solid Food Feedings…Aka Baby Food, Baby Food EVERYWHERE


One of the questions I have come across with the twins is how to feed them in the most efficient manner. Solid food has renewed that challenge. Should I feed them at the same time or one after the other? In a ‘bumpo’ seat or supported sit position like a rock-n-play or baby lounger? How do you get them to stop spitting their food all over the honkin’ place?

At first I fed them side by side in ‘bumpo’-like seats. It was successful at first, but they started having problems hunching over as they got taller and there were worries when taking one twin out of the ‘bumpo’ and cleaning him off while leaving another twin in the seat unsupervised. If even in that seat alone for a minute, I get nervous about one of them toppling. (OK so yeah it happened…ONCE!) Now I feed them in their Rock N Plays and take turns. Getting them to actually keep 75% of their food in their mouths has been a learning experience for all, even though I have been through this twice previous.  The wrist action totally goes out the window when you don’t use it in two years. In the beginning I would have to hold the spoon in there for a couple of seconds so they could suck on the spoon. But now they are both champs and get ‘hangry’ between bites! (Seriously, this is why Jack is AKA Porkchop) (Well that and his adorable thunder thighs)  They even try to steal the spoon. Also you can track their eyes all over the room with their precious food…its a fun game. Miles is doing it below.

jackFood                            MilesFood

Routine is more like this:
1-Feed Miles
2-Change and bathe Miles
3-Feed Jack
4-Change and bathe Jack
5-Put the babies to bed

What I feed them:
I have stuck to Gerber Organics bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, squash and pears. I have started introducing less sweet veggies such as peas and green beans and yeah….they didn’t like it one bit! (I wish I had a picture of the ‘what-the-F-is-this’ face, its awesome)

Then I mixed the veggie with a fruit in a bowl (for example green beans with apple) and yay! success!
They have now been tricked into eating veggies! Just like Ethan, gotta sneak it in. (MUHAHAHAHAHAH) Charlie, however, loves veggies. Mushrooms, spinach, sweet potatoes. That kid cannot get enough! Feeding the twins, and all four boys, is very much an adventure!


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