Fun with Baby Eyebrows and Cookies

IMG_0768 IMG_0780

Inspired by Katyroleigh’s Post below I decided it was time to have some fun and see what the babies would look like with giant eyebrows. Here is Katyroleigh’s post below. Check out her pictures, she is way better at drawing brows than me!

What did I learn from this fun endeavor?

1. Drawing eyebrows on babies is hard! ( Can you put a baby in a headlock? jk!)

2. When  you really want to get a picture they become major wiggle worms (omgstandstill!)

3. If big brother comes in while doing said power brow photo shoot, he will demand eyebrows of his own (hehehehehe)


And then ask to make cookies (nice shorts, kid…hmmm those could be the babies 9M pants…)



2 thoughts on “Fun with Baby Eyebrows and Cookies

  1. YEEEEESSSS! They are so adorable!!! I had to distract Rowan with a baby cookie to get him to hold still for eyebrow application! Thank you so much for the ping back and for sharing your eyebrowventure!


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