Thursday Top Ten: Video Games


Oh video games. How many hours of my life have been sucked into to RPGs and Adventure games? Who knows, it’s a lot. But its been fun! The hours have diminished significantly since I had kids, but every once in a while I get to squirrel away an hour to kick some dragon butt or explore a new world. Here are the top ten that I escape to or reminisce about

1. Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Oldie but a goodie. That damn Water Temple, but love the music
2. Fable 1
I was srsly hooked on this one. The ability to steer toward good or evil was awesome and love the quests. Also great music. Thank you Danny Elfman

3. Assassin’s Creed 2
I love the art history in this game! And I really want to learn how to climb buildings now.

4. Elder Scroll’s: Skyrim
Dragons! The Graphics! The giant world to explore!

5. World of Warcraft
What held the Husband and I together when we were dating long distance!

6. The Curse of Monkey Island
Oh the memories of this on my preteen computer…and now the app on my iPhone

7. Dragon Age: Origins
Alistair, I love thee

8. Knights of the Old Republic 1
Star Wars RPG, come on!

9. Sid Meyers Pirates
Love that you play a lifetime and can try to go for different goals. Avenge your family, become the # 1 pirate, find all the treasure!
10. Fable 3
The steampunk vibe is awesome in this one.



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