Feeding the Ducks

BrothersBridge BrothersDucks

My mom and I took the older boys to feed ducks over the weekend. It was pretty hilarious. Ethan kept yelling quack at them (QUACK, DUCK! QUACK!), pretty sure he thought they were having a conversation and he was taking turns feeding them bread and eating it himself. (One for you, two for me)

EthanonBridge    FallEthan

Charlie loved just seeing how far he could throw the bread and watching the ducks race toward it. He kept yelling ‘DUCKS! I HAVE BREAD, DUCKS! MOM THE DUCKS LOVE ME!’  (Such dapper young dudes, aye?)

Threw in a picture of him earlier in the week playing soccer. This is after he scored a goal! So proud.  The kid loves soccer. At this age (4) it’s not exactly structured, but they are starting to better understand the construct of the game (MOB BALL!). They almost never stayed in bound (Charlie  was more interested in the cones as hats) but they had so much fun.

CharlieBridge      CharlieSoccer

Then got some great autumn nature shots this week as well.






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