Firehouse Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser…AKA OMG FIRETRUCKS!!!


This weekend we went to the Knollwood Firehouse Pancake Breakfast and it was awesome! I only took the older two boys (along with Gramma) and the husband stayed home w. the babies.  The boys loved it (and mama loved looking at cute firemen!) They loved the pancakes, loved going in the firetrucks and talking to a real fireman.  To make the pancakes they had this giant griddle, I kinda want it like now. Would make pancake makin’ a lot faster when the twins get older!


The boys got to go in the driver seat, crawl all over the rear and play with some of the buttons. And the fireman helped them in and out of the firetrucks (lucky kids, they get all the fun)

FiremanCharlie DriveFiretruck FiremanEthan

Great times checking out the firetrucks, firemen (Srsly) and supporting one of the local firehouses! I wish they did it more than once a year, we would go everytime!


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