Halloween! ….but its snowing… AKA a post full of BUT…and costumes…and dots…

JakeBlumburg MilesJackson

Hmmm to take the kids trick-or-treating or not? The babies will definitely stay at home with dad. The older two are uber wimps when it comes to being cold (much like their mother), but they (and by they I mean the oldest who actually understands whats going on and wants candy and the two year old ONLY because he wants to follow big brother everywhere or cast ever lasting evil upon those around him). There are places like the mall that has indoor trick-or-treating, but that’s cheating! So I’m thinkin just trick-or-treating to the neighbor’s and some family houses. But ugh. Its gonna be rough.


But gotta have a chance to show off the costumes again! And to raid candy bags! And to wear my awesome AHS inspired costume again!

EdwardMoredrake2 EdwardMoredrake1

But this…



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