Is that an Empty Infant Motrin Bottle Your Licking?…AKA OH CRAP


So, last week we had our very first ER/Hospital visit. Ethan (2 yrs old) came up to our sister-nanny (she is my sister, and the boys nanny) while she was feeding the twins (7 months old) and had in his hand and mouth…… a topless, empty Infant Motrin bottle. (I would like to add that I DO NOT blame her! Trying to keep tabs on 4 boys is tough. When Jim Gaffigan said this in response to what its like having many kids he was so right on: “Imagine your drowning and someone hands you a baby” There are definitely times it feels like that)

She immediately called me and I rushed home while on the phone w. the pediatrician who recommended we immediately call poison control. The big questions we asked ourselves: Where did he find it? Was it empty? Was it full/partially full and he managed to get the child proof cap off? If so did he drink everything in there? And of course, the worst case scenario is what  you go with, erring on the side of caution, which is what Poison Control recommends. (No prob there, my brain was way ahead of them freaking out about my baby passing out, having internal bleeding, who the hell knows)


Save this number in your phone list if you have kids: 1-800-222-1222 for Poison Control and make sure you have the bottle/wrapper of the item ingested, if possible.

For IL the website:

VERY HELPFUL! Has a lil area where you can enter what your kid ate and give you info. Google is way scarier, had me thinking of my lil Ethan Monkey going into a coma or worse. Really freaked me out.

The questions Poison Control asked:

1. What was ingested/possibly ingested?

2. What is the label information? Brand, mL, grams.

3. How long since suspected ingestion?

4. Is the child showing any signs of distress or unusual symptoms (throwing up, fever, rash, ect)?

5. Where is your nearest hospital? (I was SHOCKED, to realize I had no fraking idea…but he helped me find it…OMG what a prepared mom I am….can’t believe I don’t know this sh!t)

So ANYWAY, grabbed a diaper bag (NOTE TO SELF: PACK AND STORE AN EMERGENCY DIAPER BAG), Blankey (yeah if I had forgotten this the kid would have flipped his cute moppy head), went to the ER as advised, while on the phone w. my mom to give me directions and make me take some deep breaths. The Poison Control peep that I talked to notified them that we were on our way. Meanwhile, Ethan is look so far so good. No symptoms other than it was time for lunch/nap, but didn’t want him to sleep or eat  until he was checked out so had a grumpy toddler on my hands on top of the anxiety filled panic that I was trying to hide from him. Respond to update requests from husband, my mom and sister-nanny.

We got into a room, the doc okayed a snack so they provided some apple juice and graham crackers. A while later the doc checked on him and informed me that this type of possible overdose would hit the kidneys 6 hours from ingestion so we would have to be admitted and hang out at the hospital until the 6th hour when they would take a blood draw. We were then sent to a private hospital room. They recommended that I put him in the hospital crib, but it was kinda scary so I just cuddled with him on the hospital bed. Respond to more update requests from husband, my mom and sister-nanny.


He, of course, needed to inspect every nook and cranny of the room, hit all the buttons on everything (btw the buttons to adjust the hospital bed are like the coolest things ever to a toddler) There were several escapes to the hallway, flirting with nurses (who were fraking awesome, don’t know what the world would be like without awesome nurses, they seriously make these occasions so much more bearable) and apple juice/graham cracker requests. There was a big window in the room, he loved watching the equipment outside on the roof.


The nurses would periodically check in, get a temp, attempt to get a blood pressure (he hated this and we never got a good read on him) When the 6th hour came and it was time to do the blood draw. This nurse ROCKED IT. She did it very quickly.  The lil guy was in tears and hated every minute of it, but it was over fast and he got stickers, a cute homemade teddy bear from the nurse and hugs from the nurse and myself (I’m telling you, this kid could charm the eyeliner off Taylor Momsen)  There was a blood sugar test in there, which he also hated, but was OK. And there was lots of cartoons and books while cuddling on the hospital bed, along with a short nap. Pretty sure he was LOVING the time having mom to himself and getting so much attention.

The blood draw came back an hour later and was totally clear. YAY!  Texted the crew and an hour or two later we were discharged by the doc and went home. (But not before Ethan insisted on giving the older male gentleman doctor a hug, it was so cute, the doctor bragged about it when talking to the nurses after he left our room ‘He hugged me!’) We were there a total of 8 hours! Had two in hospital meals (grilled cheese, mac n cheese for him and chicken tacos, cheeseburger for me…eh ok, but its not the honkin steakhouse right?) and had a thorough knowledge of how every button on the hospital bed worked from the nurse call, to the TV controls, to the bed controls to the light controls. But the best part, was knowing that my lil guy was A-OK …and the glass of wine my husband gave me when I got home and got Ethan in bed.

So What have I learned from this?

1. Have the Poison Control number in my phone.

2. Always take the safe road, don’t just assume that the medicine bottle was empty. (I already knew this but just reiterating)

3. Now, I know we are very good about keeping medicine up high. Maybe this was in a diaper bag and I forgot to put it back? Maybe we left it out last time it was used. Who knows, but TRY HARDER to make sure its put away. I know we are not perfect, I’m not going to beat myself up about this. But will TRY HARDER!

4. Have a small in case of emergency bag packed. What to pack in it? A. Snacks and Juice Boxes  B. Diapers/Wipes C. Sippy Cup/Bottle D. Spare change of clothes for each kid  E. Maybe a game or list of word games to help keep the dudes busy. F. If only I could find a safe way to pack a spare anxiety pill without worrying the kids would get to it…(Hmmm I feel an invention coming on) (Shouldn’t pack wine, right?)  G. Water and snack for mom/dad H. Index card with my contact info, as well as husbands, my mom and pediatrician in case..well just in case.

If you have any other ideas of what to pack, I would really love the recommendations!!!


9 thoughts on “Is that an Empty Infant Motrin Bottle Your Licking?…AKA OH CRAP

  1. He’s Wonder Boy! Wonder what he will get into next. Wonder what he will do next…. Refrigerator one day, Pill bottle the next. Watch Out He’ll Get You!. Keep an eye out for that one.

    GG Schweizer


  2. Our boy (first and only) has just started crawling. Suddenly everything is a target for inspection. We have a lot of work to baby-proof our house before he gets quicker.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. My son opened the infant Tylenol bottle in front of my face & in the blink of an eye. I had just opened it,closed it tight,put it on the bed while I gave it to him & he reached over grabbed it & opened it. I don’t buy the “child proof” advertisement anymore. He was only 9 months when this happened.


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