So in the last week I have hit a handful of my fitness goals (well first wave of fitness goals) and I’m totally gonna brag about it.

Where I was: So 3 months post partum I was about 160 lbs, sz 12 pants, 33 body fat, could run like 1 mile

Where I am: 4 Months after fitness start: 149 pounds, sz 10 pants are a lil loose, 28.1 body fat and just ran a 5K 🙂 Thats the picture above…after finishing and being all happy that I ran the whole honkin thing. Yeah I’m all in rock star mode.

Where I wanna be: About a year from now I would like to be 135 lbs, sz 6 pants, 23% body fat and run a half marathon

By christmas I wanted to be under 150 lbs, sz 8 pants, under 30% body fat and hit the 5K mark. So almost complete! Just have to get in those size 8s!


Here is what I have been doing. If anyone has suggestions on how to change it up or great paleo recipes let me know!!

DIET: Paleo-ish… The husband and I have been doing the paleo diet, so no bread/pasta carb, lots of protein and fruits and veggies. Breakfast: Protein shake with Almond Milk. Snack: Banana Lunch: Chicken Breast and veggies Snack: Fruit, oatmeal, yogurt, something like that Dinner: Chicken/Fish/Pork/Beef with 2 veggie sides (and a piece of the kids Halloween candy)

EXERCISE: 1x a week 1 hr session w personal trainer. I gotta new one this week, Alan. My old trainer, Luis, quit :*( So far Alan is great though!  3x a week I work out on my own.  If at the gym: 30 minutes on a treadmill 12-15 incline and 3.0 speed. The incline really works some muscles while getting some cardio. Love it. Then 30-45 minutes on the weight machines.  I love the different machines that you use cable pulling for back and leg exercises. IF I work out at home: I run 3 miles with some stuff thrown in there like sprints, jumps. Anything to switch it up a bit. Then some body weight work outs at home. Some of those body weights also has baby involved 🙂 I do squats, sit ups, oblique sit ups and lunges while holding one of the lil dudes. Its fun, they love it! And Charlie, 4,  loves to work out with me. He will do yoga poses and stretches. I wanna get him lil 1 lbs hand weights to do it with me 🙂

Downward Facing Charlie:


Working the Arms:


Wall Push Ups!



6 thoughts on “Hitting Fitness Goals…AKA CARLTON DANCING ALL OVER THE HOUSE!

  1. Sounds like you are on the right track! Great work! Just don’t deprive yourself of carbs for too long….eventually that gives way to carb craving meltdowns! Especially as you run more, your body will need carbs for energy. I started running a year ago and food didn’t seem so important at the beginning. Running 5 km without much thought of what I ate was working for me. Then I ran 10km and now going forward to train for half marathon, I realize that I need to eat more in order to be able to handle the distance. It’s just a matter of eating the right foods at the right times and in the right amounts. But carbs are very necessary! Good luck 🙂


    • Thanks for the advice! I def make sure I have some carbs before a work out. Usually in fruit form. I just try to avoid bread/pasta types of carbs and keep em low, but maybe Ill bulk them up in my prework out small meal!

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