Comparing Twins…I know, I know, big NO NO!… AKA Trying Not to Give my Kids a Complex…


So I am told all the time not to compare the two littlest of my brood. But, dude, come one. How does someone NOT? First comparing looks. Very obviously not identical. Jack-Jack is brown-eyed, brown-haired, dimpled and is a TANK with a belly you just can’t NOT give raspberries. Miles is gorgeously blue-eyed, blond, taller, slimmer and has a nose perfect for Eskimo kisses. Jack is my mini clone. Miles is the husband’s mini clone. Then comparing personalities. Jack is easy to smile, loves to cuddle and loves EVERYBODY and wants to be in the action. Miles is shy with strangers, ADORES his daddy, loves to bounce when being held and is more serious and observant. Loves to watch, especially his older brothers. And Charlie can ALWAYS get him to laugh!

Miles Jack

The biggest thing I’m not supposed to compare is milestones. But yeah…of course I do. Jack is full-out crawling all over the house. He is FAST! AND PUTTING EVERYTHING IN HIS MOUTH. This week I have found him trying to eat a leaf, Halloween candy wrappers, the dog’s tail and my pants. He is pulling himself up to stand.  Miles is rolling over and pivoting around, getting up on all fours, but not crawling yet. Jack has been doing it for about 2-3 weeks. So part of me worries and the other part of me say SHUT UP! MILES WILL DO IT WHEN HE IS READY! I kinda wanna go back and check when the older two did this stuff….but then I remember that I don’t have time for that craziness.

IMG_1671 IMG_1636_1

I’m sure everything going to go back and forth. One was a good sleeper, then the other one. Now they both rock at sleeping at night. (Separately btw. We used to let them sleep together but Jack has taken to climbing on his brother) Sometimes one is having a fussy, attention whore, grumpy time while the other is happy-go-lucky and then a week later its polar opposites. (The happy one is usually my favorite…yeah that’s right…I said it but hey, it switches so favorite status switches between all four pretty regularly) I just hope the comparisons aren’t something that is going to make them crazy with me when they are older. My older boys aren’t left out of this either. (Charlie is smart, cautious and loves to help me clean/do laundry/vacuum while Ethan does not care two hoots and will attempt jumping off their lil play kitchen to the couch and you just shake your head while chasing him down, with a hidden smile, because he charms all anyway)

But if you have multiple kids, isn’t it natural to comapre? Or am I totally nuts and going to drive my lil horde crazy?

In the meantime, here are some more ridiculously cute picture of the twins from when they were younger.

Sleeping Together

Sleeping Twins

Being all cute in their summer attire



Twinsie 2

Newborn Pictures


Awesome onsies from Opa



9 thoughts on “Comparing Twins…I know, I know, big NO NO!… AKA Trying Not to Give my Kids a Complex…

      • Ha ha ha!! I was the exact same… “she’s Emilia and don’t even try and argue with me after what I just did”. Can’t get over how different they are but I also see loads of similarities! Such cuties! Don’t know how you cope with twins… I would have ran for the hills ha ha x

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