One Nurse Re-Imagines The Precious Neonatal Babies She Cares For

This has got to be the sweetest gesture ever. NICU nurses are amazing! My first two sons were in NICU and it was a scary emotional experience. Coming in and finding them hooked up to different machines and not knowing what they mean. Constantly terrified you will get a negative update. Wanting to hold them constantly but scared you may over stimulate them. The nurses definitely helped get me through it. Explained the machines, the procedures, helped with breast-feeding. They even would give baby 101 hands on! Had help w. all our first feedings, first diaper changes, first clothing changes (and how to do it. w all those wires) and even first bath! Nurses are truly heroes! My OB/GYN Nurse, Pam, was my ROCK during all my pregnancies and could never go through it again with out her!

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Nurse Jessica Wright spends her days caring for peaceful looking patients, but she knows the babies in her neonatal intensive care unit are quietly fighting a battle for their lives.

However, that doesn’t stop her and her fellow nurses from imagining the bright futures waiting for every child. In fact, she has big dreams for these babies.

A BEAUTIFUL ballerina.

Neonatal Babies Kindness

An AMAZING astronaut.

Neonatal Babies Kindness

A DARLING doctor.

Neonatal Babies Kindness


Neonatal Babies Kindness


Neonatal Babies Kindness

Nestled safely in their homes, babies often fall asleep to lullabies about twinkling stars and jumping sheep. In a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), babies fall asleep to steady beeps from monitors and whispered conversations between parents and caregivers.

Writing for the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s blog, Wright explains, “I like to think that I’ve cared for the next President of the United States, the scientist who’s going to help cure cancer, a Top Chef, an astronaut, an…

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