Cold Weather Running…Not as Bad as I Thought!


Decided to run on my gym off days, even in the cold this year. I want to do a 15K this spring so have to keep up with the training! But…my nemesis, winter, has decided to make an early arrival. Wind Chills down to nearly 0. How the heck am I supposed to run in that? Layers!  Srsly, I was HOT while I was running. The only part of me that was aware of the cold were my eyelashes, when eyes would tear, my eyelashes would freeze together (yeah…srsly…why am I not in Texas or Hawaii?). Must troubleshoot that one. If anyone has suggestions let me know. Sunglasses fog up due to the girder thing covering my mouth/nose area. (My steampunk goggles?…I would look pretty cool running in them…maybe if I ran fast enough I would travel through time! jk…kinda…)

Layer #1

Now I haven’t gotten all fancy-pants and bought official running layers for the first layer. But this worked just fine. Black cotton leggings, long sleeve cotton t-shirt and warm socks


Layer #2

Fleece jogging pants, thermal hooded jacket (that I got from my Hot Chocolate 5K, HOLLA), Running gloves with that magic lil finger tip that lets you play with your phone, thermal ear headband thingy, girder (I had no idea this thing had a name, its like a scarf, but with out the extra fabric, covers mouth, nose, neck, very cozy). 


Things I loved about this get up:

1-I was super warm, it was awesome. The cold never got to me, I even had to vent a couple of times.

2-I also loved that this hoodie had zipper on the pockets. The phone was nice and secure in there. I like the arm bands for phones, but not as effective in winter.

3- That magic finger thingy for your phone is srsly awesome. I can’t believe it took me this long to get on that band wagon. I have always been partial to ladies leather gloves in the winter. But I am now a convert.

Things I need to remember for next time:

1- Bring tissues. Nose was running like a faucet

2- Chapstick, scratch that, Blistex or Burts Bees, I like that medicinal tingly stuff.

Other than that, It was great. Listened to some old 90’s party tunes which brought back great memories of listening to C&C music factory while working on my monster jigsaw puzzles  and memorizing that ridiculous dance from ‘She’s All That’. Oh the 90’s! I even added a mile to my run, bringing me up to 4 miles! And after the run I got to cuddle with this lil dude 🙂 So the cold weather running will continue!



8 thoughts on “Cold Weather Running…Not as Bad as I Thought!

  1. Wow! You’re a trooper!! Seeing you in all those layers, I can only imagine how warm you must have been. Reminds me of wearing a snowsuit as a kid, and you’re dripping sweat inside but it’s freezing outside. LOL. Great job on the 4 miles btw!! 🙂

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