The Twins are 8 Months Old!…AKA the Art of TWIN JUGGLING!


The twins turned 8 months old this weekend and are now both crawling. This is on one side adorable and on the other side horrifying. Now I have to like…sweep…ugh. They put everything in their mouths. And just like their older brothers when they hit this stage….they have discovered the dog food and find it an irresistible taste sensation that they must come back to again…and again….and again…

IMG_1938 IMG_1941

Miles is loving blowing raspberries, adores his big brother Charlie and is a total Daddy’s boy. I can get a lil smirk out of him, but Daddy walks by and HUGE HONKIN’ SMILES. Even happy dances. He loves to watch everyone and makes the most expressive hilarious faces while doing so.  Wants to be held as often as possible (does uppy arms)  which causes me to often double carry the lil guys around the house. It is an art…and I have now rocked it. Pictures at bottom of post.


Jack is my Porkchop. He is a laughs a TON, has the cutest dimples, crawls at a crazy fast pace (srsly one second he will be on his activity mat…two seconds later at the dog food…again) and is now pulling him himself up to stand (along with falling over and giving me mini heart attacks) He sticks his tongue out at people and will screech at you to demand your attention. If that fails, he will crawl to you and attempt to scale your legs to get in on the action.
IMG_1905 IMG_1926
These little guys just crack me up. Can’t stop giving them kisses! So now…twin juggling!
Holding both while feeding Jack. He finished. Next put him in baby superman against my hip..
IMG_1984 IMG_1986
Kneel down and place Jack on the floor, and now Miles!
IMG_1988 IMG_1991 
For my next act: Pick up fussy Jack while holding Miles! Kneel down and place Jack on my knee
IMG_1995 IMG_2001
 Pop him up on to my hip in one smooth motion! (No babies were harmed during this photo shoot..yay me)

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