Crib No Longer Contains Ethan….AKA Monkey Climbs, Monkey Makes HUGE MESS!


Ethan (2) has discovered he can climb out of his crib. He shares a room with his older brother, Charlie. This morning he woke up, climbed out, woke up his brother and the two of them proceeded to take out every toy and book and put them in a big ole pile in the middle of their floor. Luckily we had a taste of this monkey act the night before so we reversed the door knob and locked them in when it was bed time (yeah…that’s right).  So at least they didn’t get into craziness in the rest of the house. So now we have to figure out what to do next.

Reverse knob so lock is outside -DONE

Box up 90% of toys and books and put in the babies room -Pending

Introduce Ethan to his new bed – DONE, but yeah that lasted like 2 minutes well he slept in it, but was free to move about the room when he woke up.

Keep Introducing Ethan to his bed – Continuing operation

Enlist Big Brother to help encourage bed – Continuing operation

Get Big Ole Toddler Rails – This worked with Charlie, but he was never as….monkey-like as Ethan is. But worth a shot so -Pending

We shall see how this goes. Charlie has gotten used to knocking on his door and hollering for me if he has to go to the  bathroom in the middle of the night. I hope we don’t have to do this very long. A baby gate won’t work. The kid can scale ANYTHING. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them! Maybe a half door? Wish I could have a Charlie exit that responded to his voice so he could go to the bathroom on his own. (Illuminate…De-luminate…Open….Close) 



8 thoughts on “Crib No Longer Contains Ethan….AKA Monkey Climbs, Monkey Makes HUGE MESS!

  1. That’s why we bought a tent for Ryan’s crib so he couldn’t club out at a year old. We got it online at one step ahead I think….it worked really well for about another year until we switched over to a toddler bed.

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  2. Oh have I been there!! I have four too, one boy, three girls (pray for me!) I lock my little two in their rooms at night during bed time. Once they fall asleep, I unlock it and go to sleep. I started this because I couldn’t get them to stay in their rooms or go to sleep until they knew they literally had no choice. Now, I barely have to lock it because they assume it is. In the mornings, either wake up earlier so you are up first OR instill that they must wake you up first before playtime. Empting out the toys helps too. Just remind yourself when your are knee deep in books and toys, this is just a phase and will pass. Best of luck! hang in there, your doing great!!!

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  3. Oh man this is so familiar. We have to do the door lock thing too. And at one point one of my boys was so bad that for awhile we had him sleep in a five-point-harness car seat in his room because it was the only way to keep him safe! Thank goodness they grow out of this phase, because it’s hugely exasperating.

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