The Smell That Doesn’t Die…AKA My Boys Bathroom

Srsly it constantly smells like a urinal. And of course it’s the hall way bathroom, The Husband and have the other bathroom in the master, so it’s the one the guests use. It’s just embarrassing! (Please excuse the L train smell oh and sometimes he forgets to flush so please excuse any poop leftovers)

Today we are having people over so I’m gonna try everything Google throws at me. I already know that bleach, Lysol and scrubbing bubbles don’t do the trick. And that’s after scrubbing the walls, bathtub exterior, while toilet and vanity. Neither does washing the shower curtain. So this one one will be my first go.

Any other suggestions????!?!?

Here is a pic to make up for the gross 🙂




Supercharged Burpees….with an audience

My trainer showed me this move and I am really loving it for a good part of my arm work out at home. It’s a  with free weights and it works arms, chest and back. Love it! I do 3 sets of 15

Start in push up position, gripping weights…and watch out for Godzilla….he was preparing for attack according to Charlie. Feel free to do this with knees down. I had to do that for my last set  🙂


Next lift up right arm for a single arm row, concentrate on bringing in the right shoulder blade. Then repeat on the left. And keep your butt down so you are working your core (had to repeat some pictures because I kept doing that!)

IMG_3176 IMG_3180

Now a push up (The Husband got all sorts of enjoyment here…kept telling me he didn’t get a good shot and made me hold it FOREVER! Lucky he is cute…) So please excuse my abysmal form..neck should be straight and arms at a 90 degree angle. I was busy fake swearing at The Husband. (Charlie was there…had to keep it clean…kinda) and didn’t want to repeat 🙂


Jump forward and stand up


And then a shoulder press (Isn’t my shirt awesome!? My cousin Katie bought it for me, says ‘I run to burn off the crazy’…yup!)


And repeat! Of course there were a ton of comments from the peanut gallery, including The Husband, Charlie and the Twins…but got through it! Oh and Godzilla survived…


4 Year Old Photography 101….AKA CharlieShots

Charlie LOVES taking pictures. Every once in a while Ill give him my phone and tell him to go on a photo hunt. He takes tons of pics, some are repeaters, some are blurry, some are very abstract, but we always get some great ones in there that really reflects what he loves most. So here is the latest batch! I have some from his summer photo hunt at the bottom as well. Cool to see the different things he takes into consideration. He was even telling me what he wanted the lighting to be like this time. He wanted to keep it dark with the light mostly coming from the christmas tree, outside and the computer screens. oh and WARNING: yeah I didn’t clean the house before these pics happened…so uh…sorry.

Loves his blankey




The husbands computer


Christmas Tree!


“Little” and the very messy room. Love the evil look on the lil dude’s face


Mama working furiously


More Christmas!

IMG_2796 IMG_2824

Cascading Post it Notes (this one he was very bossy, I had to hold the post its just so!) and his baby brothers

IMG_2832 IMG_2852

Here are the summer photo hunt pics:

ChalieShots1jpg CharlieSHot13

Recognize this one? Its my cover pic 🙂

CharlieSHots3 CharlieSHots5 CharlieSHots7 CharlieShots11 CharlieShots12

SCIENCE!….AKA Fun With Charlie and FIZZY STUFF!


Charlie loves science and is always requesting science experiments. Can’t deny him that! Its fun, educational and we get to make a mess on purpose 🙂 So we did three experiments last night. Now I am totally not an educator and I know there are probably much more official ways to do this. I will probably be consulting with one of my teacher cousins on the right way to do this in the future, so feel free to give me advise out there science and teaching friends!

First – A study in measuring and water displacement

Materials: Giant Measuring Cup, Water, Balloon, Bird Candle (or other heavy object that will sink)


So first we measured 5 cups of water. This in itself was fun for him. He likes to watch the water hit the line exactly. After that I asked him what would happen if we put the bird in there. He thought the water line would stay the same. AU CONTRAIRE LIL ONE!


The we put the balloon in, saw that it floats and he was curious to see what would happen if he pushed down on the balloon (or apply force) He was very interested in experiment number one.

NEXT! Experiment number two: Density

Materials: Glass Jar, Water, Canola Oil, Molasses and Crystal Light (Yeah I didn’t have food coloring…so I improvised)


First we put in water and crystal light and Charlie mixed the two together.


Then we added oil. Charlie enjoyed remixing with the oil and watching it separate.

IMG_2633 IMG_2636

Then Molasses, which being more dense, sunk to the bottom.


We mixed again…wasn’t as clean but got the point across.


Material: Glass Jar, Baking Soda, Vinegar


First I had Charlie measure out a 1/4 cup of baking soda and add it to the jar.

Then we measured out a 1/2 cup of vinegar


He, of course, missed the glass with half of it, which is ok cuz there was baking soda everywhere and he got to play w. the fizzy stuff all over the honkin’ place, hey in a way he disinfected and cleaned my counter tops! BONUS!


So overall, we had a lot of fun, learned some new sciencey stuff, as well as really continued to awaken an interest in science for Charlie. He is already asking me when our next experiment is going to happen 🙂 I found a great website that I’m going to use for getting more ideas here: Science Kids and Science Sparks. I would love more suggestions!

Paleo-ish Recipes: Chicken Thighs w Mushroom Cilantro Red Sauce


OK so this combo sounds kinda funky, but OMG ITS SO GOOD!

So first assemble the ingredients! We have 4 chicken thighs, a bunch of cilantro (which I sent my minion to work, extracting leaves), can of tomato sauce, mushrooms (cut into bite size pieces), shallots or yellow onion, garlic and salt/pepper.

IMG_2504 IMG_2509

Next: Heat up a pan w a wee bit of olive oil and brown the chicken, about 6 minutes on each side. Then remove chicken to a plate. Throw in the mushroom with a bit of salt, let them get all browned up, about 5-7 minutes with a couple stirs. In the mean time, throw the cilantro, shallots (like 2ish shallots) and garlic (I used 5 cloves…but I’m a garlic fiend) into a food processor…and… process? (Whatever, you know what I mean!)

IMG_2513 IMG_2515

In the mushroom pan add the tomato sauce and the green deliciousness, stir around. Add the chicken back, cover, let cook about 10 minutes. The turn the chicken, recover and cook another 15 -20.

IMG_2516 IMG_2518 IMG_2519

Use this time to feed babies, chase toddlers away from stove, get kids ready for bed.

IMG_2520 IMG_2522

IMG_2524  IMG_2528

When time has passed and its ready… get that chicken and sauce on a plate on NOMNOMNOM. Seriously, this is so fraking good. Really blew my socks off the first time I made it…I made again two days later.


Big Brothers….AKA Lots of Cleaning

Charlie takes the role of  big brother very seriously and he is an awesome helper. And Ethan is….learning… They both try to help but at the same time they also play the other side of the big brother card and try to do what ever it is that big brothers do. Torture? Humiliate? Ridicule? Or maybe its just misunderstood bonding?

In this case, Charlie wanted his baby brother to be dressed up like a tiger. I thought he meant putting the tiger mask on him…nope! Luckily this was dry erase marker…and newly learned tip, comes RIGHT OFF with baby wipes!


Here, I am just not sure. Did Ethan want to help w. the baby powder? If its good for his butt, its good for everything else? Or it just the pure joy of making a ridiculous mess? (what you can’t see is that it is ALL OVER THE BABIES ROOM, looks like a snow storm hit)


But then there are the ridiculously cute moments when they are being caring and wonderful big brothers.

IMG_2485 IMG_2474

And its obvious that the twins LOVE their big brothers.

BrotherLove FamPic

Stuff like that makes it much easier to let stuff like this go easier on them…

EthanFridge Flour

Workout: Leg Day W Baby!

So today I am going to work my legs and add some baby action to step it up a notch. Lets start with Sit and Stands. This one is super easy but with the added weight is very effective for glutes. I do 3 sets of 20. Concentrate on keeping your weight on your heels, exploding up, and keeping baby to chest. (Don’t mind the goofy expression on my face….I was entertaining an 8 month old)

IMG_2449 IMG_2450 IMG_2451

If you really wanna go crazy….try two babies! Just kidding….coordination with two babies is….interesting.

IMG_2455 IMG_2453

NEXT: Wall Sit -60 seconds. Did this 3 times. Make sure legs are at a 90 degree angle and keep back flat against the wall. Great for quads and glutes.


Side Squats. I do 3 sets of 15 for each side. Start by standing up straight, the step right leg to the right and squat down on your right side. Go as far down as you can, again concentrating on keeping weight on your heel and make sure your knee doesn’t go past your ankle. Return to center standing position and then step to the left and squat to the left. Now I’m not crazy about these pictures. I could have gone lower. So start easy, but if you can, go deeper into the squat.( HA I just noticed the Charlie photobomb behind the couch) (OH and yes…that is Darth Vadar with a santa hat behind our christmas tree)

IMG_2461 IMG_2462 IMG_2464

Lunges -3 sets of 15 on each side. Start with right foot in front, left foot on toe, and lunge forward. Knee doesn’t go past the knee. Concentrate on driving the left knee straight down as far as you can. I like to tap the floor with my knee and then go back up. Quads will burn.

IMG_2465 IMG_2466

Calf Raises. 3 sets of 20. Very easy. Stand up with feet shoulder length apart and then go up on your toes. Concentrate on calves. (My adorable Klee Kai, Lyla is photobombing with her fuzzy cuteness.)

IMG_2468 IMG_2469

Paleo-ish Recipes: Chicken and Parsnips W Butternut Squash and Kale

photo 3_1

Oooohhh good eats. How I love thee. I found the Roasted Butternut Squash and Kale recipe on Bubbles and Booya‘s blog. Here is the link NOMNOM. I had one change, I subbed the nutritional yeast for Parmesan cheese,  but only because I hadn’t been able to find the yeast. I want to order it online and give it a whirl though. This recipe was AWESOME! My husband was worried about the combo…but was very very impressed with how good it was. TRY IT OUT! NOM!

As for the Chicken and Parsnips, I found that here. Here we go. ASSEMBLE THE INGREDIENTS! We have 6 chicken thighs, 2 parsnips, 2 shallots, chicken stock, arrowroot flour, 1 cup chardonnay, rosemary and butter.

photo 2_1

We went out to check to see if our rosemary survived the frost and it did! So we brought it in so we could save it. Kinda looks like a tree. Coooool. Gave Charlie the job of drying and ripping up the Kale for the side dish.

photo 1_1photo 2

So evidently the rest of my pictures have vanished from my phone….so I’ll have to put some random ones in here w. the directions. First you get a dutch oven nice and hot w a bit of oil in it. Take the chicken, salt and pepper it and add some arrowroot flour. Put in the pan, brown on both sides for about 6-8 minutes. Transfer to a plate. (RANDOM ADORABLE BABY IN HAT!) And a pic of 2 peeled parsnips. I have never had a parsnip before. Its like a slightly sweet carrot and kinda love em!

photo 3photo 1

Next add chopped shallots, parsnips (which are peeled and cut into strips) and a sprig of rosemary to the pan. Let it cook for a minute then add the wine. Reduce by half and then add the chicken stock. Bring back the chicken, cover and let cook for about 25 minutes. Take off the cover, let the sauce thicken, remove rosemary sprig and serve. NOMNOMNOM.

photo 3_1

Working Arms with Random Stuff Around the House


So I wanted to do a post about adding one of the babies to an arm workout…but the lil teething demons went to bed before I could do it. So had to improvise and arm workout with random stuff around the house. Here is what I came up with. Did about 3 sets of 15 for each. (OH and please excuse my mini living room diaper changing station…at least its festive?)

Angled Pushups


Tricep Dips -Note: Having my feet up on the couch def made this harder because if I tried to use my feet as leverage, the couch would get pushed away. So I had to concentrate on just using my arms. Putting my feet on the ground was more stable, but I found the feet up approach forced me to work my arms harder.(I have issues with…coordination…so very proud that I didn’t fall and bruise my behind during this one, if you try this and get hurt, uh don’t sue me, you have been warned!) (ugh, must be more disciplined on my diet…darn mama belly pouch feels like it will be there forever, darn belly roll)

IMG_2414 IMG_2411

Table Pull Ups – Note: My table is very very heavy, a light one would totally have tipped over, so I got lucky w. being able to do this. The challenge here though was again, to not use my feet as leverage and concentrate on my upper body.

IMG_2417 IMG_2419

Chair Lifts – Note: Sucker is big and bulky! But made for a good bicep work out. (Hmm I can probably turn it into a dead lift too…must ponder.)

IMG_2422 IMG_2424

Side Wall Push Ups (I apologize for the light glare…who knows) (ooo the reflective thingy on my pants actually works!)

IMG_2425 IMG_2426

And yay! All done! I am still going to do more posts that are work outs with babies. They are coming soon! I did like this work out though. I don’t like to have a strict routine. I get bored easy and not to mention changing it up is good for challenging the different muscle groups. So new challenges are fun 🙂