This past holiday weekend we packed up the minivan and the whole horde went to Michigan to visit family. As usual, 4 boys in the car was chaotic, but totally worth it to see the family and the new puppy that my in-laws just welcomed home.

IMG_2239 IMG_2027

Srsly, is there anything cuter? (and yes….Jack is gnawing on a plastic bone that is the pups…. hey he is teething, it worked great!) (ugh I know I wouldn’t have let my first born do it, but now with the twins I’m so whatever, germs build immunity right?) (and aren’t dogs mouths supposed to be super clean anyway?)
IMG_2217 IMG_2033


IMG_2246 IMG_2167

Anyway it was a great trip, especially when they all finally slept in the car. For most of the ride home, this wasn’t the case. The Twins are POPPING TEETH. Both have bottom teeth coming through and this has turned them into major grumpy pants. I didn’t pack the teething tablets so had to survive on infant pain killer but it worked out.

IMG_2164 IMG_2250

But the kids got to do all sorts of fun projects including pottery with Nana and playing (if you can call it that) piano at their aunt and uncle house. Ethan was crazy about the piano. I really want to get them into lessons. Perhaps when they are 6ish?  So, did I learn anything with this roadtrip compared to the last one?

1- This time we had my sister and cousin, Megan, over to help play with the kids while I packed. OMG It was amazing. Everything went so much more smoothly than last time! Didn’t forget a thing! (although while in Michigan, left the formula at my in-laws house when we went to visit with Grandpa and Grandma so ended up buying more, but at least it didn’t go to waste…those lil piggies)

2- Now I don’t know if it was a fluke, but on the way there we left around 11 am and it was a great drive. All the kids behaved really well. On the way home, however, we were on the road around 4pm and OMG THEY WERE TERRORS. So not sure if that’s because the fun was over, if they were overstimulated from the week or if we left at the very wrong time of day.

3 – I tried to limit the packing of clothes and didn’t pack extra….big mistake…kids always need extra clothes. Esp socks. They vanish no matter where you are. Luckily we were able to use the washer/dryer.


8 thoughts on “Michigan Roadtrip…AKA PUPPIES AND BABIES!

  1. Omg you’re family is beautiful. And you are one brave mama taking a long drive with all those men. Can I say just how much I love the captain America mask on the floor of the van? My older son has one and wears it everywhere lol

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