Working Arms with Random Stuff Around the House


So I wanted to do a post about adding one of the babies to an arm workout…but the lil teething demons went to bed before I could do it. So had to improvise and arm workout with random stuff around the house. Here is what I came up with. Did about 3 sets of 15 for each. (OH and please excuse my mini living room diaper changing station…at least its festive?)

Angled Pushups


Tricep Dips -Note: Having my feet up on the couch def made this harder because if I tried to use my feet as leverage, the couch would get pushed away. So I had to concentrate on just using my arms. Putting my feet on the ground was more stable, but I found the feet up approach forced me to work my arms harder.(I have issues with…coordination…so very proud that I didn’t fall and bruise my behind during this one, if you try this and get hurt, uh don’t sue me, you have been warned!) (ugh, must be more disciplined on my diet…darn mama belly pouch feels like it will be there forever, darn belly roll)

IMG_2414 IMG_2411

Table Pull Ups – Note: My table is very very heavy, a light one would totally have tipped over, so I got lucky w. being able to do this. The challenge here though was again, to not use my feet as leverage and concentrate on my upper body.

IMG_2417 IMG_2419

Chair Lifts – Note: Sucker is big and bulky! But made for a good bicep work out. (Hmm I can probably turn it into a dead lift too…must ponder.)

IMG_2422 IMG_2424

Side Wall Push Ups (I apologize for the light glare…who knows) (ooo the reflective thingy on my pants actually works!)

IMG_2425 IMG_2426

And yay! All done! I am still going to do more posts that are work outs with babies. They are coming soon! I did like this work out though. I don’t like to have a strict routine. I get bored easy and not to mention changing it up is good for challenging the different muscle groups. So new challenges are fun 🙂


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