Big Brothers….AKA Lots of Cleaning

Charlie takes the role of  big brother very seriously and he is an awesome helper. And Ethan is….learning… They both try to help but at the same time they also play the other side of the big brother card and try to do what ever it is that big brothers do. Torture? Humiliate? Ridicule? Or maybe its just misunderstood bonding?

In this case, Charlie wanted his baby brother to be dressed up like a tiger. I thought he meant putting the tiger mask on him…nope! Luckily this was dry erase marker…and newly learned tip, comes RIGHT OFF with baby wipes!


Here, I am just not sure. Did Ethan want to help w. the baby powder? If its good for his butt, its good for everything else? Or it just the pure joy of making a ridiculous mess? (what you can’t see is that it is ALL OVER THE BABIES ROOM, looks like a snow storm hit)


But then there are the ridiculously cute moments when they are being caring and wonderful big brothers.

IMG_2485 IMG_2474

And its obvious that the twins LOVE their big brothers.

BrotherLove FamPic

Stuff like that makes it much easier to let stuff like this go easier on them…

EthanFridge Flour


4 thoughts on “Big Brothers….AKA Lots of Cleaning

    • Hahaha oh man part of me was dying inside and the other side was like, well thats what ya get for leaving them alone for a minute with baking stuff out! So def always looks for the humor in the crazy situations they get themselves into 🙂

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