SCIENCE!….AKA Fun With Charlie and FIZZY STUFF!


Charlie loves science and is always requesting science experiments. Can’t deny him that! Its fun, educational and we get to make a mess on purpose 🙂 So we did three experiments last night. Now I am totally not an educator and I know there are probably much more official ways to do this. I will probably be consulting with one of my teacher cousins on the right way to do this in the future, so feel free to give me advise out there science and teaching friends!

First – A study in measuring and water displacement

Materials: Giant Measuring Cup, Water, Balloon, Bird Candle (or other heavy object that will sink)


So first we measured 5 cups of water. This in itself was fun for him. He likes to watch the water hit the line exactly. After that I asked him what would happen if we put the bird in there. He thought the water line would stay the same. AU CONTRAIRE LIL ONE!


The we put the balloon in, saw that it floats and he was curious to see what would happen if he pushed down on the balloon (or apply force) He was very interested in experiment number one.

NEXT! Experiment number two: Density

Materials: Glass Jar, Water, Canola Oil, Molasses and Crystal Light (Yeah I didn’t have food coloring…so I improvised)


First we put in water and crystal light and Charlie mixed the two together.


Then we added oil. Charlie enjoyed remixing with the oil and watching it separate.

IMG_2633 IMG_2636

Then Molasses, which being more dense, sunk to the bottom.


We mixed again…wasn’t as clean but got the point across.


Material: Glass Jar, Baking Soda, Vinegar


First I had Charlie measure out a 1/4 cup of baking soda and add it to the jar.

Then we measured out a 1/2 cup of vinegar


He, of course, missed the glass with half of it, which is ok cuz there was baking soda everywhere and he got to play w. the fizzy stuff all over the honkin’ place, hey in a way he disinfected and cleaned my counter tops! BONUS!


So overall, we had a lot of fun, learned some new sciencey stuff, as well as really continued to awaken an interest in science for Charlie. He is already asking me when our next experiment is going to happen 🙂 I found a great website that I’m going to use for getting more ideas here: Science Kids and Science Sparks. I would love more suggestions!


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