4 Year Old Photography 101….AKA CharlieShots

Charlie LOVES taking pictures. Every once in a while Ill give him my phone and tell him to go on a photo hunt. He takes tons of pics, some are repeaters, some are blurry, some are very abstract, but we always get some great ones in there that really reflects what he loves most. So here is the latest batch! I have some from his summer photo hunt at the bottom as well. Cool to see the different things he takes into consideration. He was even telling me what he wanted the lighting to be like this time. He wanted to keep it dark with the light mostly coming from the christmas tree, outside and the computer screens. oh and WARNING: yeah I didn’t clean the house before these pics happened…so uh…sorry.

Loves his blankey




The husbands computer


Christmas Tree!


“Little” and the very messy room. Love the evil look on the lil dude’s face


Mama working furiously


More Christmas!

IMG_2796 IMG_2824

Cascading Post it Notes (this one he was very bossy, I had to hold the post its just so!) and his baby brothers

IMG_2832 IMG_2852

Here are the summer photo hunt pics:

ChalieShots1jpg CharlieSHot13

Recognize this one? Its my cover pic 🙂

CharlieSHots3 CharlieSHots5 CharlieSHots7 CharlieShots11 CharlieShots12


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