Supercharged Burpees….with an audience

My trainer showed me this move and I am really loving it for a good part of my arm work out at home. It’s a  with free weights and it works arms, chest and back. Love it! I do 3 sets of 15

Start in push up position, gripping weights…and watch out for Godzilla….he was preparing for attack according to Charlie. Feel free to do this with knees down. I had to do that for my last set  🙂


Next lift up right arm for a single arm row, concentrate on bringing in the right shoulder blade. Then repeat on the left. And keep your butt down so you are working your core (had to repeat some pictures because I kept doing that!)

IMG_3176 IMG_3180

Now a push up (The Husband got all sorts of enjoyment here…kept telling me he didn’t get a good shot and made me hold it FOREVER! Lucky he is cute…) So please excuse my abysmal form..neck should be straight and arms at a 90 degree angle. I was busy fake swearing at The Husband. (Charlie was there…had to keep it clean…kinda) and didn’t want to repeat 🙂


Jump forward and stand up


And then a shoulder press (Isn’t my shirt awesome!? My cousin Katie bought it for me, says ‘I run to burn off the crazy’…yup!)


And repeat! Of course there were a ton of comments from the peanut gallery, including The Husband, Charlie and the Twins…but got through it! Oh and Godzilla survived…



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