The Smell That Doesn’t Die…AKA My Boys Bathroom

Srsly it constantly smells like a urinal. And of course it’s the hall way bathroom, The Husband and have the other bathroom in the master, so it’s the one the guests use. It’s just embarrassing! (Please excuse the L train smell oh and sometimes he forgets to flush so please excuse any poop leftovers)

Today we are having people over so I’m gonna try everything Google throws at me. I already know that bleach, Lysol and scrubbing bubbles don’t do the trick. And that’s after scrubbing the walls, bathtub exterior, while toilet and vanity. Neither does washing the shower curtain. So this one one will be my first go.

Any other suggestions????!?!?

Here is a pic to make up for the gross 🙂




18 thoughts on “The Smell That Doesn’t Die…AKA My Boys Bathroom

  1. I would suggest that after cleaning use an air freshener. Maybe a continuous plugin that lets out fragrance all the time. Or fabreeze the towels, rugs, shower curtain (if it is fabric) that might help the smell a bit. 🙂

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  2. I have the same problem however I share that bathroom too …..found that the area where the toliet seat attaches is the source of smelly problems along with the underside of it. I use bleach and an old tooth brush to clean it and seems to help since I am the only person living here that’s able to pee into the toliet! I have plug in too 🙂

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  3. All the other suggestions are good and one more thing to try is cleaning the grout (and possibly the drywall behind the toilet) with ammonia or vinegar. Plug in’s or other air fresheners may mask the odor but killing it at the source would be much better if you can.

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    • And i just did the link suggestion with a baking soda ans fresh lemon juice paste, spread all around the toliet area, sit 15 min, go over w white vinegar…looking promising, there are stains that have been there forevee that are now gone!


      • Makes sense, lemon is like a bleach and baking soda and vinegar are great cleaner, deodorizer and neutralizers. Love when you mix them and they get all foamy, we used to make volcanoes with that mix!

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  4. If its Still stinking after you clean maybe you have a leak at base of toilet? Might need new wax ring or something. If you can keep Ethan away from it I would try Scentsy plug in for continuous smell good. Good luck!


  5. We use sugar soap for the walls, gets everything off. No odour too. Not too sure about what to do with the flushing, we have the same problem. But, we do keep a table tennis ball in the toilet bowl for something to aim at. It won’t flush, and it does help with the pee everywhere expect the bowl issue. 🙂


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