4Boys Headcount…AKA OK Where is Miles?

So when I let the kids play around the house, I have to do headcounts every couple of minutes so I know everyone is OK/ not cutting their hair with scissors/ getting into my make up/ seeing how much toilet paper will fit in the toilet ect. And I have found that having a  clean house greatly helps with this matter. But PLEASE….Its rare that all the rooms in the house are clean. Unless I’m having a party or taking pictures….but I can live in my dream world that the house is always clean and the boys are always behaving….yeah…can’t even pretend.

So anyway, during this headcount, a rugrat sometimes make me go on a baby hunt. And we have found that this sometimes also happens in pictures. So lets play… WHERE IS MILES?..AKA Holy Cats, my house is a mess.

Loads of wrapping paper means hidden babies everywhere


The older boys’ almost always wrecked room


Hanging out with the stuffed animals


In the tent…with a Charlie cameo



8 thoughts on “4Boys Headcount…AKA OK Where is Miles?

  1. H, We always enjoy your posts!! We used to (after Christmas especially) put bags of toys away for several months at a time and when you bring them out== surprise! It’s like all new toys! It really helps with so many to play with, and makes it easier for them to put them away! Stay warm, we love you all! Grandma and grandpa

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