My Little Helper…AKA Charlie Rocks

IMG_3228 IMG_3518

Charlie loves to help me out. He is always asking for a job to do. I love it. I know it won’t last forever, but I will relish in it for the meantime. Sometimes its helping out with his brothers, other times its helping out around the house. He was so excited this weekend when I let him help me shovel the drive way. Although I didn’t have an extra shovel for him, so he used the dust pan 🙂 And of course took a break to create snow angels.

IMG_3519 IMG_3526

He loves to clean off the cabinets, vaccuum (we even got him a mini dyson, so funny) and will be my runner if I need a diaper, spoon, anything. If the babies need more cheerios, he is on the job!  If Jack Jack is getting into the dog food…again…Charlie will swoop in and pick him up, bring him to the play mat and play with him. He loves making his baby brothers laugh. He DOES tattle on Ethan a lot. On one side, I don’t want him to be a tattle tale, and on the other, if I am feeding the twins and The Husband is on a conference call, its good to know that Charlie is watching out for Ethan and making sure he doesn’t do his usual crazy antics. Like couch gymnastics, toilet paper science experiments and the test to see what will fit in the vents (srsly, whenever its cold in their room I know its time to clean the vents out again. Stuffed animals, shirts, trucks, blankets….ridiculous).This kid is awesome. I don’t know what I would do without him!! Ethan lends a hand every now and then as well, but he’s still got time! Maybe I will have 2 lil helpers!

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