So I signed up for Tough Mudder along with The Husband and 3 of my cousins. Its May 9th. I have 4 months to train. Kinda nervous….OK A LOT NERVOUS. I’m glad I signed up for something that will give me major motivation to train and I’m loving that it is for Wounded Warrior Project. I have a family full of Marines and they have showed me how important this cause is.Β I am hoping to find more ways to get actively involved with this program. If you would like to donate to our fundraising page please go here (no pressure!!!!) and all proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Some of the obstacles don’t look that bad……and I’m fine with mud (as any mom of boys would be)UNDERWATERTUNNELS MUD BirthCanal

But then there are these… Yeah gotta work on my upper body strength…

HamsterWheel Dead Ringer

And then these….Tear gas….Electroshock stuff….I hear its way better than it sounds though.

TearGas Electroshock

Then there are the team obstacles…no worries there though, we have 3 Marines on our team and a Firefighter that will be hopefully running with us too, so we will kick some butt!

Logger hangover


I want to get up to running 7-9 miles for endurance training, maybe interspersed with spin classes and rowing machine

LOTS….and I MEAN LOTS of upper body training. Pull up, monkey bars, push ups, free weights. I’m not going to ignore the lower body though, that one carrying the log is gonna require a good strong set of legs! So here we go….WISH ME LUCK…. PLEASES….OMG….


19 thoughts on “Tough Mudder….AKA OMG WHAT AM I GETTING MYSELF INTO?!?!?!?!

  1. You are seriously going to have the best street cred after this one!! I am speechless and afraid, just looking at this on my side of the computer! EEK!!! However, you were built strong to have four boys and you are WOMAN!! Lets hear you ROAR!!!! Tip: Get some good tunes, like eye of the tiger and such!!!

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