Hiking…AKA…My Favorite Way to Burn the Calories!

I LOVE HIKING. The views! The nature! Its a great workout and amazing stress/anxiety reducer.

This all started when I was a kid and going for nature walks in the local forest preserve and up in the forest by my Grandma’s house in northern Michigan.


Every since then I have loved going out and being in the woods. Its pretty flat here in Northern Illinois, but we have a couple places that we can hike. Starved Rock and Matthiessen State Parks are somewhat local and very beautiful and have plenty of areas to hike, climb and many stairs to trek to really get a sweat going. If I can’t get out there then I go to the local forest preserves with the Husband and/or Charlie for a nature walk.  Here are some pics of our adventures through the US!

Matthiessen State Park in Utica, IL.


Really cool caves too!!


Close by, and more populated, is Starved Rock

Starved Rock

Took Charlie there after he was born, he loved it!

StarvedRockwBaby StarvedRockwBaby2

When I go on vacation, my number one thing that goes on the roster is Hiking…followed shortly by all the awesome foodie places and breweries/wineries.

Oahu, Hawaii….oh man, I loved going there, can’t wait to go back someday! (and yes…these are pictures…of pictures…)

IMG_3572 IMG_3574 IMG_3575

I cant get this one to flip for some reason DANG IT! But that’s a cliff jump into a lagoon! SO FUN!!!!!! (although I didn’t listen to my cousin and point my toes..kinda landed on my butt on the water and had a HUGE bruise, but so worth it!)IMG_3573

Colorado….The arena at Red Rocks…can imagine having this around to do stairs! IT WOULD BE AWESOME!

IMG_20130722_143137_992 IMG_20130722_144145_668 RedRocks

My absolute favorite to this day…is Glacier National Park in Montana

Highline Trail…This was about 11 miles long, total elevation gain of 1950 ft…


Ran into some goats!


And saw a bear cross the road….srsly…


The hike Iceberg lake..about 10 miles..1275 ft elevation gain with insane views



an amazing lake at the end….with icebergs….the water was um..chilly…(and deceiving! to get to that iceberg I had to wade in water that was above my waist!)

Iceberg IMG_20130714_143539_834

We also did the Avalanche Lake hike, this one was shorter at about 4.5 miles with a 730 elevation gain, but it was amazing. This was on the other side of the mountain pass and it was a totally different atmosphere. Very green. Lots of moss and huge trees. It was so pretty, and there we these birds that would whistle..and it srsly sounded like a coach whistle, so weird!

AvalanchIMG_20130720_104520_402 Montana1

Although about 2 months later I got to post this pic! Almost named one of the twins Montana!


I have also hiked around Yosemite in California and parts of Zion National Park in Utah but I so want to go back to all of these and then explore tons more amazing sites! I have to hit the Appalachians still and really want to go out to Oregon and Washington State…Oh the long list of places I have to hike still…and then…maybe Europe! Thailand! Japan! Manchu Picchu! who knows!!! Where has everyone else been? Where would you recommend goes to the top of the hiking list?


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