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How did he go for my baby to my almost kindergartner??? (Yes that is a baby taking a bath in my kitchen sink…it works people!)

So first of all…..I found out like late last week that kindergarten registration was THIS WEEK. WTF. I don’t know what I expected. Maybe that the town would send something in the mail. Maybe that nothing like this would start to happen until summer. Maybe that I can hold on to my lil buddy being a lil kid and not starting school yet! I’m super excited for him, but oh man the last 4-5 years has flown by! So the next thing I was struck with was…I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO OR EXPECT!

I go to the school website and all I can find is a blurb that says: Kindergarten Registration on Feb 3rd. Call (phone number edited out) for more information. Um seriously?????!?! How about a posted list of documents? How about what should we  be expecting? You really want a couple hundred parents calling instead of just supplying the info online? (Please note, later I found out this is all available on the PTO site oh and now I see it on the district site too….yeah cuz I would know that or something, duh Chantal…not really…come on school, be a lil more intuitive about what your peeps need) So I call around and get some kind of idea of what to bring.

For those of you out there that may need more info. Here it is. Maybe I will help one of you out so you know what to expect!

1- You can go in anytime during the registration  hours, don’t have to be there at 4. Its not an orientation type of thing. That happens later.

2- Bring your own pen, the pens at the school sucked.

3- Be prepared to fill out a billion forms, many with the exact same honkin info. Form list:

Student Information Form

Health and Emergency Information Form

Home Language Survey Form

Proof of Residency Form

Breakfast/Lunch Program Form

4- I did not need medical forms…YET…but was given the requirements. See as follows:

State Physical Exam Form

State Dental Exam Form

State Vision Exam Form

5– Here is a list of Vaccinations they ask about:


Tdap; Td or Pediatric DT


Hib Haemophilus

Hepatitis B

Varicella (Chicken pox)

MMR combined Measles, Mump, Rubella (or single antigen)

Pneumoccal Conjugate

Other/Specify Meningococcal, Hepatitis A, HPV, Influenza

6- You will sign  your name many times…kinda felt like I was buying another house

7- I don’t know if all schools do it this way…I HOPE NOT, but there was a form to join PTO. On the back was a list of the programs you can volunteer for. All it did was give the  name of the programs. No dates. No description. No idea what volunteering may entail. Am I going to have to take off of work? Do I need to bake a cake? Do I need to go to door selling wrapping paper? A lil more info please!

8-When my twins go to kindergarten, I will get to fill all these forms out…..TWICE! Srsly if they could do this all electronically they could make everyone’s life easier.

IMG_4047 IMG_4022

9– OH and you will want to bring your kids birth certificate, social security card, proof of residency in a couple different forms. We brought our water bill, electric bill, property tax bill and drivers license and that seemed to cover it.


10– Be prepared to already feel judged by other parents for not being prepared and for peacocking hot moms, especially when you bring your gorgeous husband 🙂  JK, the other moms were fine. Being an introvert, I didn’t relish the idea of being around a bunch of other parents, but we all survived.

11- Got a Supply List (due at orientation in August) – Evidently he will be using a lot of markers….this is kinda fun, reminds me of getting all excited for school to start and going supply shopping with my mom.


Now it turns out that some schools have a lottery. I guess ours doesn’t unless you want the AM time slot. They have 1 AM class and 2 PM classes. We are ok with either, but I guess if you want AM at our particular school, then you have to cross your fingers. Kinda disappointed that there isn’t full day, but we will figure it out. At least I still get to see him as a lil guy a lil longer. I hope he stays cuddley for at least a couple more years before he is all like ‘GET AWAY YOUR EMBARRASSING ME!’ And part of getting old means he loves to help out 🙂




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