Paleo-ish Recipes: Lemon Chicken and Asparagus…and EPIC FAIL!

So I wanted to make a lemon chicken recipe. Looking up recipes I found this one. (Has yogurt in the marinade so not totally Paleo, but that’s why I go with ish 🙂 I also wanted to get fancy w. my asparagus and make a hollandaise. I usually go with the blender version, which is much easier. I tried the traditional way AND EPICALLY FAILED! Totally killed my night. But anyway…

asseemmmbllleee the ingredients….(totally saying that in a whiny mumblely voice, sorry)

We have yogurt, lemon (juice and zest), cumin, cayenne pepper, coriander, asparagus, chicken, eggs and butter


So first I made the marinade. Threw the yogurt, coriander, lemon juice, zest, cumin and some salt in a bowl and then transferred to a bag w. the chicken and let it hang out for an hour. Then I put it all in the oven at 425 in a shallow oven safe dish. The Husband I have found that the perfect chicken is ready in about 20 minutes when you have it 425.

So next…. Make the sauce….this is where the first fail of the night comes.


The recipe said to mix egg yolks and cold water….I HAVE NEVER done a hollandaise w. water. So was already kinda side eyeing this sucker. (but I did have an adorable assistant who LOVED snapping the ends off the asparagus. Got a bit ambitious sometimes and kept snapping, but oh man he was so happy to help!)

Move this to the double boiler…get to like 150 degrees. In my epic fail I didn’t bother with the temp. And I CURDLED THE DARN EGGS! so gross and so sad. and I was out of eggs so couldn’t go back and do my usual blender version. Totally bummed me out. The Husband came and saved the day by  making a lemon butter sauce with some Worcestershire. Not as amazing as my hollandaise would have been… but it did the trick…


…but then another fail…I OVER COOKED THE CHICKEN! In my state of abject depression over my failed sauce, I forgot to take out the chicken at 25 minutes….it was totally dry


ALAS! WHYYYY!!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!  We still ate it….but oh man! Well I will try again when I have more eggs and hopefully will persevere and kick some hollandaise butt! And I am glad I have a husband that can bring be back to earth when I am in the depths of cooking despair and some how make it edible! And the boys liked the asparagus! yay!


7 thoughts on “Paleo-ish Recipes: Lemon Chicken and Asparagus…and EPIC FAIL!

  1. Oh dude – we all have epic kitchen fails. No worries. Good thing your boys and hubs are troopers and took it in stride. I can’t even tell you how many fails have happened in L’s kitchen. Also – homemade hollandaise is tricky! I give you props for trying. Also who makes hollandaise with water? Lol. Obv the recipe’s fault… 😉 Good on ya for trying!! 😀 You got this!

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