Lake Geneva with No Kids….AKA…A Much Needed Break!

I adore my boys, but when the opportunity arises that The Husband and I get to take a couple days off of parenthood…well, gotta jump at it. Keeps us sane! We were invited to our friends cottage in Lake Geneva to go skiing…yes…skiing! And it was so fun! We even went up a day early and just hung out us two. We had these big plans to go up early, have a skiing lesson (I have never been on them before), go out for dinner and walk around the town. We get to the cabin and it was…quiet…SO GLORIOUSLY QUIET! So rather than take a lesson, we had a beer and read a book, basking in the lack of noise! No complaining, no questions, no crying, no fighting! It was awesome. Now don’t get me wrong, after a while I missed the lil guys. But a mom needs a break sometimes!

beer n book

The next day we tried skiing. It was fun, scary but fun! Any time I started going too fast I would freak out and make myself fall over….but I will def keep going and try to build the control so that I can actually successfully go down something other than the bunny hill. The Husband kicked butt, he barely fell. JEALOUS! AND OMG…my calves and upper are STILL SORE. I skipped working out yesterday, but am making myself go today. I’ll just skip those muscles.

IMG_4414 IMG_4415 IMG_4419

We also got to check out some snow sculptures that were done in the area a couple weeks ago. Very cool! (I totally wanted to jump through that hole…but decided not to get arrested on my grown up only weekend)

IMG_4402 IMG_4403 IMG_4407 IMG_4411

I can’t wait for summer time so we can go back to the Lake during warm weather for paddle boarding and kayaking. My girlfriends and I did this later year and it was so fun! I LOVE PADDLEBOARDING!!!

Kayaking Paddleboarding

Mean while at home, the twins have moved up to macaroni and cheese and they LOVE PICKLES! Kinda awesome not having to fight them for the spoon anymore when we are trying to feed them. They would get MAD! And these huge bibs are a life saver! Charlie asked me this week if he can take karate lessons to improve his ninja skills….yeah…that’s my boy. We got Ethan a lil boy potty. He loves to flush it but every time we ask him if he wants to try sitting on it he says NO! Which is his new favorite word. FOR EVERYTHING! I hope we can get him excited about it soon. If I can get down to 2 in diapers by summer, I would so throw a party!

IMG_4422 IMG_4471


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