Shakeology and Tough Mudder Training….AKA Back on the Workout Wagon!

I totally fell of the diet/workout wagon for a couple weeks there. And I gained some unwanted weight surprisingly fast! My running buddy, Katie, got us signed up for the Deer Park St Paddy’s 10K next month and that totally got me back on the motivation train! KATIE ROCKS! I upped my personal training to 2x a week, we started running again and have a plan to get up to 10ish miles by the end of April!


Here is what I’m focusing on:

1) Water – filling up my 20 oz water bottle at least 5 times a day

2) Strength Training 3-4x a week (2 with my trainer and 2 independently, just found this and want to try it)

3) Increasing the running miles by 1 mile every week until we get to 10 miles.

4) Diet – Shake for 1 meal replacement and paleo-ish for the remainder (but still have 1 cheat day!)

Started back this week and already down 3 pounds!

And it helps that I have my little assistants to help me with my post run stretches…

IMG_3192 IMG_4209

Here is my morning shake! 1 scoop chocolate shakeology powder, 1 cup crushed ice, 1 1/2 cups almond milk

Very tastey. I really like these shakes, its more than just protein, its full of other healthy stuff like antioxidants and probiotics too. Its on the expensive side, like kinda ridiculous, but I’ll try it a month or two and see how it goes.

IMG_4547 IMG_4548

IMG_4549 IMG_4551


5 thoughts on “Shakeology and Tough Mudder Training….AKA Back on the Workout Wagon!

  1. My husband does the Tough Mudder, Ragnar and the other crazy physical challenges and swears by high water intake. He very annoyingly carries a gallon jug of water around and finishes it each day. Says it really helps his training. Keep up the great work. Those babies will keep you busy!

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    • My Running Buddy and I were just discussing doing the Ragnar! Awesome! I’m glad to hear someone else has great results with lots o water. I think it might be the most important part of my weight loss focus.


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