MBA: School synopsis

Ok so I have narrowed it down to 3! I have done several admission events and I am going to apply to Northwestern/Kellogg, Loyola/Quinlan and DePaul/Kellstadt.

I’m on the fence about DePaul because I couldn’t find event I could go to that didn’t require me to take time off of work.

I eliminated University of Chicago/Booth due to the fact that there was an overwhelming number of engineers/ math peeps in the program and they were very…unsocial. Which as in introvert wouldn’t be a problem but half the reason to shell out that cash is the network. And as one of the guys I talked to at my Northwestern class visit, who was accepted to both, said “I can’t imagine having a beer with the crew at Booth” I can see his point.

So Northwestern is my number one. I have the GMAT on April 18th….I am very worried about it….and hope I get a decent score! But as my boss said, “dude they want your money.” So who knows. Maybe I’ll get lucky!

I also really liked Loyola, especially since they recently started offering classes in the Northwest burbs at Cuneo in Vernon Hills. Very convienent and beautiful facility. So they are my number two.

Fingers crossed!

In other news….tomorrow is my first 10k!!! Wish me luck!!


11 thoughts on “MBA: School synopsis

  1. My husband and I were just talking about him going back for his MBA last night. We were weighing all the many options just like you have done. I received my Masters in 2006, same goals as you want my kids to appreciate hard work, they saw me graduate (don’t remember it because they were 3 and 1) but I set a precedent!
    Good luck!!

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