First 10K -Ran the whole thing!!!!…aka WATCH OUT, I’M A ROCK STAR!

10K post

So had my first 10K this weekend -KILLED IT! Ran the whole honkin thing! (And honestly….my training has been sub par, so kinda amazed) My time was very turtle rather than hare, but hey slow and steady got it done! I averaged about a 12 minute mile, but I did get 10th in my age bracket! YAY! My running buddy got 2nd in hers! She was hilarious. We were walking by the announcement area joking about how we totally wouldn’t be getting medals, and the called her name! She jumped up yelled ” OMG THATS ME!!!” and grabbed it! Srsly so proud! And afterwords they had Lagunitas IPA, def a nice gift after the run!

SO NEXT UP! Half Marathon w. obstacles at the Tough Mudder in May! Now that we know we can run 6 miles, we are amping up our training and def doing longer distances! (The insanely gorgeous weather we have been having, totally helps!) And my trainer and I are now meeting 2 x a week and focusing on muscle groups that will help me get through that sucker! Esp back/arms for the monkey bar/climbing type stuff and legs for the log carry and also climbing type stuff. SO EXCITED!!!!!!

But yeah…did I mention I ran a WHOLE 10K??!??!?!?!?!? OMG!!!!! SO HAPPY!!!!!! (and sore) (but so happy!)

OH! And My wonderful husband gave me my birthday gift a couple days early (it was burning a whole in his pocket) I got the Fitbit Charge!!!! Yeah…he rocks. This thing is so cool! When he called me this morning, it buzzed and his name went across the screen. I feel so high tech and cool (at tough runner-esque rar!)



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