OMG. Charlie bought porn on the tv through on demand. 15$ porn. And he watched probably 5 minutes of it before it was realized what the heck was going on and then see on the tv… a guy on guy BJ. WOW. No more virgin eyes for my 4 year old!

He got punished at for buying a show through On Demand, we immediately put the parental controls on and beat ourselves up for not doing it before. I can’t believe that the thought never even crossed my mind!

I’m not sure if I should talk to him about what he saw on the TV though. Perhaps he is young enough still that he doesn’t know what sex is and doesn’t need explanation yet? Or am I just trying to convince myself out of an awkward conversation with my 4 year old? Maybe see if he asks about it? Or do what the other half of me (and the couple friends I have told about this) does and just laugh it off and forget it about it until he asks about sex later?

On the bright side, at least he doesn’t seem to discriminate by sexual orientation…….

too soon?


8 thoughts on “TV Parental Controls ON…AKA MY BABY NO LONGER HAS VIRGIN EYES!

  1. Omg dude. I wish I had some actual advice to give you, but I am childless (and therefore parenting opinion-less) but oh man I’m sorry that happened – and I wish you could have heard the snort-laugh noise that just occurred when I read through the first line in my office..I’m pretty sure my coworkers are staring at me. Good luck / I’m sure everything will be ok.

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    • Hahahahaha! I wish I could hear the laugh too! I fed have giggled about it a couple times. Keep going back and forth to finding it hilarious and the freaked out that he saw that…oh the lil rugrat!


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