1 Years Old!…AKA WOW Time flies for my Twins!

I can’t believe its already been 1 year that we have that Miles and Jack. It BLOWS MY MIND! So thought I would do a post covering the last year!


So a year ago today I went into labor! (after a couple false alarms) I made it to 36 weeks which was nuts since I had Charlie at 35 weeks and Ethan at 33 weeks! Oh that giant belly! And a month before, for the first time ever, I cracked open an egg with a double yolk! SO WIERD! SO anyway, my water broke (a first for me) and we went to the hospital. The contractions were WAY WORSE that my first two times around, prolly cuz the water breaking and all. So we get to the hospital and wait around for a bit, they check me and Im at a 4 and they decide to go ahead and get the epidural dude. In the meantime, the contractions went NUTS! It was almost constant. I would get a break every now and then, but I was just…wow. Never had anything like that with my other boys. The nurse was even amazed at how long they were and how little the breaks were in between. The epidural dude comes to the room, the nurse checks me and HOLY CRAP. In 30 minutes I went to a 8. He quickly puts the epidural in. It only works on half my body (another first). We find out that it wasn’t work on that half because MILES WAS COMING! THERE IS HIS HEAD! SO they rush me to the surgical suite (required for twins) and we get to work. BAM BAM BAM, like 4 pushes and Miles is out. Β He was quiet though which scared the crap out of me…but I quickly got distracted by Jack. He was feet first…..and didn’t turn while Miles was making his exit…so… (THIS PART IS NOT FOR THE WEAK OF HEART SKIP AHEAD IF YOU GET GROSSED OUT EASILY) The doctor had to go up there and find his feet and pull him out. Found foot #1 very quickly, foot #2 was a little harder to grab. They got the ultrasound out, found it and started pulling. He got stuck at the shoulders…more pulling…(in the meantime, The Husband hung out with Miles, he couldn’t watch the pulling part) and there he was! 10 minutes later both babies now crying and very very healthy!

TwinsNewborn3Β TwinsNewborn2

It was awesome, they were so healthy! They got to come with us back to the room after they had all their freshly newborn procedures completed. We never had that! Both Charlie and Ethan were in the NICU after being born. It was so wonderful having them there with us and being allowed to hold them!Β These are the professional shots they did in the hospital. Love them!

They came home with us less than 2 days later, another first. Charlie was in NICU for 10 days and Ethan an additional week. It was kinda scary honestly! I was used to my fresh newborns being on constant supervision to make sure they were breathing, heart beating, ect. Now they were coming home with us right away! And I was SICK, very sick. I had lost too much blood during the birth and was extremely weak. They had me on meds to help it, but the day I went home, I couldn’t even sit up in the car. I almost fainted on the car ride home every time we hit a bump or turned too fast. It was bad. For over a week I was still bedridden. But then it abruptly turned around and my health came soaring back. We started to learn how to take care of twins vs a singleton. Feeding two at once. We quickly learned that if one woke up to eat at night, we would wake his brother up and feed him as well. I mastered tandem breastfeeding, but as they got bigger, they would be harder to juggle so fed one at a time until we switched to bottles.

One Hand!

Then the time flew! Summertime!

Cool Twins SummertimeTWins

6 Months old



Jack Halloween IMG_1549



And now here they are at 1 years old! With frosting mustaches and beards πŸ™‚ Both standing, on the verge of walking. 4 teeth each, babbling in short syllables (mamamama dadaadabababababa) Jumping up and down in their cribs when we come int he room in the morning, playing peek a boo with each other in their high chairs, stealing each others foods, fighting over toys, following their big brothers all over the house via crawl and ape walks. This last year has been a blast!

TwinsBdayCake MilesBdayCake Jack Bday Cake


11 thoughts on “1 Years Old!…AKA WOW Time flies for my Twins!

  1. Hi, I am a friend of Grandma Connie, and enjoyed reading about Miles & Janck’s arrival and
    all the pictures and the celebration for their birthday!!!!!! Anne

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