The Scale said WHAT??!?!…AKA…Totally Let Myself Slip UGH!

Ok so confession time. I have been bad both diet wise and work out wise the last couple months.  To be totally honest, I probably started slipping around Christmas. I can give all sorts of excuses, the holidays, winter weather/snow, new job, 4 kids/husband….but really its my fault for not prioritizing and for losing focus. At first it was just a couple slips…oh its Christmas, I can’t NOT have mashed potatoes. And the it was ‘Oh I have been good all day, I deserve this Creme Brulee’ and now its morphed into ‘I’ll start being good next week’ as I eat spinach lasagna, chocolate lava cake and some Cabernet.

Well I weighed myself for this first time in months this weekend AND HOLY WAKE UP CALL, BATMAN! I gained 20 freaking pounds in the course of 3 1/2 months. Gained back all I lost PLUS 10 pounds. WOW. I knew I gained some back, but yeah….that was shocking…upsetting….and has officially put me back on track.

I have Tough Mudder in 6 bloody weeks. I know I can run 6+ miles…and I’m sure some of the weight gain isn’t all fat, I HAVE been weight training, but not nearly as much as I should be. So that is getting upped. I have training appointments 3 x a week until tough mudder and I am going to run 3 x a week (probably 2 short runs like 2-3 miles and 1 long run 6+ miles and growing) and have 1 rest day. So upping my work outs to almost double. Now I don’t to ramp up to fast, so I will play it by ear and make sure to take an extra rest day if needs be.

BACK ON PALEO! LIKE NOW! No more cake, no more pasta, no more wine, no more beer, no more cheese, no more bad carbs and dairy! (at the very least until Tough Mudder, then I might put my light cheat day in for Saturdays)

Dinner yesterday: Shrimp w. guacamole and homemade bacon bits. Water. (Thats another thing I have not been keeping up on)

Breakfast today: Protein Shake w Almond Milk, Water, Hot Tea

Snack: Banana, Water

Lunch: Spinach salad w. Chicken

Snack: Larabar (coconut creme pie, if I remember right)

Dinner: ….Not sure yet but Im thinking Chicken breast w. lemon and capers with a side of asparagus.

Desert: Blueberries

SO HERE WE GO! I’M BACK IN THE GAME AND GOING TO KICK SOME ASS! So mad I let myself down, but going to turn that into focus!

WOW P.S. Just chose the ‘Losing the Baby Weight category for this post and was thinking how long its been since I used that one. Good Grief, Chantal!


7 thoughts on “The Scale said WHAT??!?!…AKA…Totally Let Myself Slip UGH!

  1. I need a kick up the butt, I’m scared to step on a scale! I’ve been saying I’ll start Monday for weeks now, alas it’s Monday again…and I haven’t started! Ok I’ll start tomorrow. Really start tomorrow!! Xo

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