Uh….That was Fast….AKA MUST FIND A HOUSE!

So we had our first person come and see the house yesterday….and our first offer…and its accepted. HOLY CATS! The inspection is going on as we speak! Gonna look at houses this afternoon. WOW! I am floored, nervous, happy and freaked out all at once.



Our Realtor put our house up on MLS last night and with in a couple hours already had 2 requests for showing the house! The broker show is tomorrow and we totally didn’t expect to have the house 100% before that so we were up all honkin’ night trying to finish all the lil odds and ends!

We had a cleaning crew come and make the place really sparkle and WOW, it has never EVER looked this clean. So nice! We worked on carpet stains -Now I gotta make a shout out to this Spot Shot stuff. We had a professional carpet cleaning company come in and they couldn’t get the blue dye stain out…this stuff KICKED ITS ASS! You spray it, let it sit for like 5 minutes, blot, repeat over and over and over again. Its crazy though, its almost gone here, its nearly totally gone now!


The Husband painted the boys room and replaced all the outlet/switch covers with shiny new ones


I replaced some of the torn screening, with Miles’ help, of course. (PS I put some bright red ombre in my hair…might be too bright…but makes me feel all cool and punk rock) (Yeah…thats right…Im the cool mom) (mom jeans are up next)


The only things we have left to make sure are done for the show tomorrow is putting up the new roman shades in the boys room (waited to last minute so they have less time to DESTROY THEM) and new closet doors in their room as well. Oh and we have to do some patch repair in one of our bathrooms.  ooo I have to take pictures and post of our master bathroom redo. The Husband and Chuck the Contractor rocked that job. More on that later in the week!

For now, fingers crossed for the two showings today! We have our Nanny bringing the boys and the pup across the street to our neighbors backyard while the showings are happening….hopefully that goes smoothly…but yeah 4 boys, her lil girl and a pup are gonna be tough to tote. I feel her pain! Hopefully the house sells quickly so the critter juggling doesn’t have to happen to often!

VOXBOX!…..Covergirl Intensify Me review

So I got my first VoxBox to review w Influencer! Exciting stuff! I was sent the Covergirl Intensify Me Eyeliner and the  Super Sizer Mascara. I added these both to my morning make routine. The eyeliner is awesome if you wanna do a cat eye. I have been rocking the cat eye all week and feeling uber glamorous 🙂 It is shaped so you can either draw a thin line or a thick one. So great for cat eye drawing. The mascara has a cool wand and def provides definition. If you are looking for thickness, this isnt the way to go, but if you are looking for clean long lashes, this does that job very nicely.

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender_1


Here are some of my eyes post morning routine this week




I needed a lot of coffee that morning, I look sleepy, but the eye makeup always helps with that


I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

@COVERGIRL @Influenster #LashFame and #IntensifyMe

Prepping the House Exterior…AKA Mod the Facade

Some of the exterior things we have been doing to prep the house have included power washing, touching up paint and planting. We also had a gardening crew come in to edge the gardens and mulch. That made a huge difference!

Its seriously amazing how much power washing helps! You can see the before and after of the back patio below (AND YES….I ALWAYS DRESS LIKE THAT WHEN I POWER WASH….)

IMG_5489 IMG_5532

You can see power washing in progress on the wood deck here:


And I had my lil helpers aid in the planting activities:


P.s. evidently dirt is like popcorn to one year olds…srsly…look over and he is putting handfuls of the stuff in his mouth!


And then the touch up of the paint exterior (what I think I look like vs what I really look like)

IMG_5476 IMG_5385

But over all I think we did a great job ramping up the curb appeal. We have a lil more work to do this weekend, then a cleaning crew coming in on Monday to really make the house sparkle and finally the house goes on the market with the Broker Show on Wednesday! OH I hope we can get what we want for it! A similar model (but not at all updated) down the street just dropped their price by $30K! Thats gonna hurt us and really makes me worry that we won’t get what we need to get to be able to sell. But we shall see! I really hope the interior remodel and all the work we have been doing will bring our house value up to our number. We just re did the master bath too. But we are still asking like $60K more than that other house…..Aghghghghgh!!!!

But then nap time comes and this happens and it makes me feel like everything will be ok….at least until he wakes up and walks in the paint again….yeah….that actually happened.


The Massive House Makeover of 2014….AKA Wow I Forgot What it Looked Like!

I have mentioned before that we re-did our house last year when we found out we were pregnant with twins and I have had a couple requests to do a tour of the new house make over. So here we go! I had to pull my before pictures from randomness…so they are kinda odd…..just a heads up.

So first up, here is a rough lay out I made. The first pic is from before. We took the wall out between the kitchen and dining room, as well as a big closest in the foyer and combined everything in to one open great room.

IMG_5535 IMG_5537IMG_5536

Here are pics of the kitchen before:

The lt blue green wall on the left was taken out and fridge moved to the other side. KitchenBfore

And the hideous white linoleum which always looked dirty no matter what I did. Esp when your lil guy sharpies it.

KitchenFloor KitchenFloor2

Took out the cheap, stained countertops, the old school stove and the very very beat up cabinets.

KitchenSink FIrsthaircut

This is from the dining room looking toward the kitchen door opening..The Husband as Forrest Gump 🙂 (srsly probably added this pic more cuz he looks hilarious than to illustrate the small dining room)

Livingroom into Kitchen

This pick looks into the dining room living room (faces covered to put my friends in disguise 🙂 )  (we were having a marti gras party) and that wall on the right is the giant foyer closet. We added so much sq footage by getting rid of that sucker. Then we have the view from the hallway into the living room. Notice HOW DARK IT HONKIN IS. There was zero lighting. We added 9 can lights just in the living room area.

DiningRoomBefore Hallway Before

SO Next up. The RENOVATION! We tore out all the walls, flooring, cabinets, countertops and most the plumbing from the hallway, living room, dining room, foyer, kitchen and laundry room. We turned it into an open space. You can still tell there is a def kitchen and great room, but nice and open.

Our house after demo! Those wood beams were our kitchen wall…and then it was gone! (It was a load bearing wall so we had to reinforce it down in the crawl and insert a big ole cross beam up top.)


Cabinets arrive for Chuck the Contractor to assemble


Here we see the walls and floors are in! yay!



Here is the kitchen to the living room and vice versa

IMG_5520 IMG_5525

Living room details: Looking toward the front door and hallway, then the fireplace (Navy accent wall,everything else is gray). We went with espresso dark hard wood floors. They look AMAZING, although you really gotta keep up w. cleaning them, which is lots of fun with the pets and the boys!

IMG_5517 IMG_5518 IMG_5519

Wine Nook w wine fridge, leaded windows and some of the awesome island granite. (oh those are copper mugs….we are just so honkin cool and hip)


Wolf Stove w. a griddle in the middle (heh, rhymes) This stove is so purty. I LOVE IT. And the Griddle is flipping fantastic.


After a near ridiculous amount of deliberation we went w. copper hardware. And I love it.

IMG_5527 IMG_5530

Cool Thermidor dishwasher.  I forgot to take a pic of the best part. When its on, it shines a lil led light on the floor that tells you how long it has.



Ok So I wanna point out some deets:

1: The industrial lights. So cooool. Edison bulbs. Hard to see here, but they are awesome.

2: The new back patio doors. OMG I LOVE THEM. Our old ones were just hideous and broken and ugly. These are so purty.

3: GE Cafe fridge. I love this thing. It dispenses hot water! I love tea, so best thing ever. And the lil water screen has a USB port so you can upload pictures for screen savers! ( I should totally do all skinny Chantal pics so I have more motivation to diet…)

4:The magnetic strip knife holder thingy…just cool and makes me feel like a sushi chef

5: We added a TV in the corner so when the kids are eating at the 8 ft awesome island, they can watch their shows. LIFE SAVER!

And oh the island! Its so beautiful. We did kinda a contrasting thing. Light cabinets with dark brown granite for permineter cabinets and then espresso brown with a lighter showpiece granite for the island. This granite, is what I will miss most. This picture does it no honking justice. Its so beautiful. Hmm I might have some detail pics in past cooking posts….Ill be right back…


Yup Lots of island detail here, lots of different patterns and colors. Rusts, blues, greys, creams. OMG its so lovely:

IMG_2632 IMG_2504 photo 1 IMG_1788 IngredientsNOM Pecans

If only I could pack this behemoth and take it with me. SIGH! So that is our kitchen remodel! It went from about November to January and in the mean time we were either eating take out or cooking via microwave in our hall bath…but it was worth it. I wish we could add another floor to this house with out it costing the same price as a new house! We would totally stay. But alas. So many kids…..but I love em.

Prepping the House for Listing…AKA THE LONGEST LIST EVER

So we decided we need a bigger house.  3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1600 square feet doesn’t quite cut it for 4 boys, a dog, a cat, The Husband and a crazy mama.  I’ll probably do a post later this week about the crazy journey we have had w. our current house. We just dropped a ton of money into it last year to upgrade it, but that didn’t do the trick. Still need more room!

Here is a taste of the renovation:

House with no walls or floors!


That was our kitchen….we took a wall down to make a more open floor plan


Cabinets arrive


Getting close to completion


So we have started looking for a house a lil further west from our current location, where you can pretty much get 2 x the square footage and a much newer house for the same $, and we are prepping our house for listing!

What are we looking for? 5 Bedrooms or 4 + an office (we both work out of the home from time to time), 3000 sqft+ and a big yard that preferably backs up to woods or field. I fell IN LOVE with  a huge old tudor in the country, that has 6 acres of woods and is surrounded by cornfields. Has 100 year old oaks in the yard, huge deck, firepit. OMG I Love it. But The Husband says its a little too far away and little too isolated for him. I, however, am a hermit. I would be totally ok with isolation. BUT ALAS, must make The Husband happy too. But OH, this one still tugs at my heart strings:

Tudor TudorBackTrees

We could never afford this caliber of house if it wasn’t in the middle of nowhere though. UGH I LOVE IT. But yeah, I get his point.

List of stuff to do to get our house ready: (x=done, S=Scheduled, P=in Progress)

x-pack books

x-pack 1/2 the clothes in all closets (makes em look bigger)

x-clean out and organize hall closet

P-clean walls

x-move garage contents to Tony’s (brothers)

-fix electric panel

S-fix chimney cap

S- fix bathroom paint and caulk

-re caulk hall bath

x-hire nick to clean yard

x-steam carpets 

-new closet doors in both boys rooms

-paint rooms neutral color

-neutral door knocker (I have an awesome dragon one right now…Ill do a pick in my renovation post)

x-store chaise, bench, shoe rack, shoes at brothers

-take down blinds and replace w roman shades (the kids DESTROYED the current blinds)

x-light piece in hall bath -spray paint 

-fan in Hall bath

-mailbox cement? (its very floppy right now, might just replace)

x-org hall closet 

x-org master closet

-install laundry closet door

S-clean siding

x-plant annual flowers -Pansies, Gladiolus

x-Flower garden clean up(with my garden helpers)

FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender

-dispute credit stuff

P-sell unneeded baby stuff

P-Power wash siding, front porch, back patio (holy crap did this ever make a difference on our siding, never realized it was dirty!)

-touch up exterior paint (the trim around the windows, some of the trim by the roof)

-drive way touch up, oil stain clean up and resurface w tar

-flower boxes (I’m thinking of planting Lavender in them)

-garden boxes (herbs: Basil, rosemary, thyme, cilantro and sage)

x-portable garbage dump- wm (we totally cleaned out our garage, amazing how much crap you accumulate over the years!)

P-clean back yard : take down swing, get rid of old toys

x-clear countertops

x-org cabinets, pack away 1/2 capacity


S-Tile Bathroom

So yeah…a bit busy…..Its nuts really! We found a couple house we like though so we are determined to get our house ready by the end of the weekend. Wish us luck!!!

Bath Time for Twins!….AKA How to Clean the Kitchen

So I posted this on my 4boyslotsanoise facebook page (couldn’t figure out how to get a video on here) and wanted to share it with you all that don’t follow the facebook (psssst….like the facebook page, I randomly add additional pictures and blurbs about what those crazy kids are up to there)

A friend of mine suggested I give the twins a bath in the double sink in the kitchen. We did and it was hilarious! They got soapy water EVERYWHERE, but hey gave me an excuse to wipe down the kitchen, so I had clean babies and clean floors, yay!

Below are pictures as a preview (so yeah not the actual video):

BathtimePic1 bathtimepic2

Shins Splints and A Bad Hip….AKA OK Maybe I Overdid it…

So last Friday I worked out on the rowing machine for 30 minutes in the morning, The Husband and I cleaned out the garage and then I went for a 2 1/2 mile run w. my running buddy in the afternoon.  Apparently this made my body mad! I woke up in the middle of the night and was unable to put any weight on my right leg. There was a shooting pain in my hip. The Husband had to help me get around the house and took me to the computer where I ended up sitting, stretching and playing video games for the next couple hours because I was unable to sleep. Finally the pain subsided after tons of stretching and Ibuprofen and I went back to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, it was much better, but still limping and I also noticed that, once again, I have shin splints. SO What to do. Took more anti-inflammatories, did more stretching and taped up my shins. Now usually I use an ACE bandage and compression socks on my shins when I get splints. But neither were anywhere to be found. SO tried the taping.


Looked like this, although this is not my leg… I WISH! Soon I will have those thighs! I don’t think it works as nicely as an ace bandage and compression socks, but it did help. If I had icy hot that usually helps as well. But alas. So anyway, I did some research on how to help shin splits and how to prevent them. One thing that came up a couple times is that it can be due to a bad hip! CHECK! Got that for sure! So gotta work on my hip stretching and strength as well as my shin/calf stretching and strength.

Here is one of my favorite hip stretches:

IMG_4208 IMG_4209

Another great one is done sitting up. You put your ankle on your knee (so almost cross legged) and lean forward. I am also going to add hip exercises to my weekly strength training.

As for shin stretching, I am going to try these two things from Running Worlds website:

“Kneel on a carpeted floor, legs and feet together and toes pointed directly back. Then slowly sit back onto your calves and heels, pushing your ankles into the floor until you feel tension in the muscles of your shin. Hold for 10 to 12 seconds, relax and repeat.
In a sitting position, trace the alphabet on the floor with your toes. Do this with each leg. Or alternate walking on your heels for 30 seconds with 30 seconds of regular walking. Repeat four times. These exercises are good for both recovery and prevention. Try to do them three times a day.”
AND I am going to look into getting some inserts for my shoes. My running buddy got some at Road Runner sports, so I think I may try going there tonight and getting inserts. I’ll def post about how it goes!
1) Inserts for my shoes
2) Shin and Hip stretches 2x a day
3) Adding calf and hip strength training to my common routine
4) Wrapping my shins for my runs until they are better
Fingers crossed that it heals quickly so I can continue to ramp up my running. In the meantime I will stick to 2-3 miles and just add a 1/2 miles every week and scale back if needed.

Charlie Shots…..and Weird Things My Babies Do

So here is Charlie’s latest pictures that he has taken…when he has snuck away with my phone.

Trying to get proof that Ethan was misbehaving?

FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_2

The 90% of the time crazy messy room. And I guess he was taking the bear shopping…goofy kid.

FullSizeRender IMG_4840

Watching me play video games


The bathroom sink….and you can see him in the mirror!


Baby brother


Taking pictures of me in the kitchen


And then there are the twins…

Jack trying to get his bottle and drink it upside down….

FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender

And Miles doing his single foot scoot. He will sit on one leg, and scoot him self forward this the other foot. Cracks me up every time!