Shins Splints and A Bad Hip….AKA OK Maybe I Overdid it…

So last Friday I worked out on the rowing machine for 30 minutes in the morning, The Husband and I cleaned out the garage and then I went for a 2 1/2 mile run w. my running buddy in the afternoon.  Apparently this made my body mad! I woke up in the middle of the night and was unable to put any weight on my right leg. There was a shooting pain in my hip. The Husband had to help me get around the house and took me to the computer where I ended up sitting, stretching and playing video games for the next couple hours because I was unable to sleep. Finally the pain subsided after tons of stretching and Ibuprofen and I went back to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, it was much better, but still limping and I also noticed that, once again, I have shin splints. SO What to do. Took more anti-inflammatories, did more stretching and taped up my shins. Now usually I use an ACE bandage and compression socks on my shins when I get splints. But neither were anywhere to be found. SO tried the taping.


Looked like this, although this is not my leg… I WISH! Soon I will have those thighs! I don’t think it works as nicely as an ace bandage and compression socks, but it did help. If I had icy hot that usually helps as well. But alas. So anyway, I did some research on how to help shin splits and how to prevent them. One thing that came up a couple times is that it can be due to a bad hip! CHECK! Got that for sure! So gotta work on my hip stretching and strength as well as my shin/calf stretching and strength.

Here is one of my favorite hip stretches:

IMG_4208 IMG_4209

Another great one is done sitting up. You put your ankle on your knee (so almost cross legged) and lean forward. I am also going to add hip exercises to my weekly strength training.

As for shin stretching, I am going to try these two things from Running Worlds website:

“Kneel on a carpeted floor, legs and feet together and toes pointed directly back. Then slowly sit back onto your calves and heels, pushing your ankles into the floor until you feel tension in the muscles of your shin. Hold for 10 to 12 seconds, relax and repeat.
In a sitting position, trace the alphabet on the floor with your toes. Do this with each leg. Or alternate walking on your heels for 30 seconds with 30 seconds of regular walking. Repeat four times. These exercises are good for both recovery and prevention. Try to do them three times a day.”
AND I am going to look into getting some inserts for my shoes. My running buddy got some at Road Runner sports, so I think I may try going there tonight and getting inserts. I’ll def post about how it goes!
1) Inserts for my shoes
2) Shin and Hip stretches 2x a day
3) Adding calf and hip strength training to my common routine
4) Wrapping my shins for my runs until they are better
Fingers crossed that it heals quickly so I can continue to ramp up my running. In the meantime I will stick to 2-3 miles and just add a 1/2 miles every week and scale back if needed.

4 thoughts on “Shins Splints and A Bad Hip….AKA OK Maybe I Overdid it…

  1. So my husband has had some hip and knee pain while running and cycling and it turned out to be his IT band was tight. It can cause pain from your back all of the way down your legs. Strange how much things are connected and the cause of an injury can be far from the symptoms. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

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