Prepping the House for Listing…AKA THE LONGEST LIST EVER

So we decided we need a bigger house.  3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1600 square feet doesn’t quite cut it for 4 boys, a dog, a cat, The Husband and a crazy mama.  I’ll probably do a post later this week about the crazy journey we have had w. our current house. We just dropped a ton of money into it last year to upgrade it, but that didn’t do the trick. Still need more room!

Here is a taste of the renovation:

House with no walls or floors!


That was our kitchen….we took a wall down to make a more open floor plan


Cabinets arrive


Getting close to completion


So we have started looking for a house a lil further west from our current location, where you can pretty much get 2 x the square footage and a much newer house for the same $, and we are prepping our house for listing!

What are we looking for? 5 Bedrooms or 4 + an office (we both work out of the home from time to time), 3000 sqft+ and a big yard that preferably backs up to woods or field. I fell IN LOVE with  a huge old tudor in the country, that has 6 acres of woods and is surrounded by cornfields. Has 100 year old oaks in the yard, huge deck, firepit. OMG I Love it. But The Husband says its a little too far away and little too isolated for him. I, however, am a hermit. I would be totally ok with isolation. BUT ALAS, must make The Husband happy too. But OH, this one still tugs at my heart strings:

Tudor TudorBackTrees

We could never afford this caliber of house if it wasn’t in the middle of nowhere though. UGH I LOVE IT. But yeah, I get his point.

List of stuff to do to get our house ready: (x=done, S=Scheduled, P=in Progress)

x-pack books

x-pack 1/2 the clothes in all closets (makes em look bigger)

x-clean out and organize hall closet

P-clean walls

x-move garage contents to Tony’s (brothers)

-fix electric panel

S-fix chimney cap

S- fix bathroom paint and caulk

-re caulk hall bath

x-hire nick to clean yard

x-steam carpets 

-new closet doors in both boys rooms

-paint rooms neutral color

-neutral door knocker (I have an awesome dragon one right now…Ill do a pick in my renovation post)

x-store chaise, bench, shoe rack, shoes at brothers

-take down blinds and replace w roman shades (the kids DESTROYED the current blinds)

x-light piece in hall bath -spray paint 

-fan in Hall bath

-mailbox cement? (its very floppy right now, might just replace)

x-org hall closet 

x-org master closet

-install laundry closet door

S-clean siding

x-plant annual flowers -Pansies, Gladiolus

x-Flower garden clean up(with my garden helpers)

FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender

-dispute credit stuff

P-sell unneeded baby stuff

P-Power wash siding, front porch, back patio (holy crap did this ever make a difference on our siding, never realized it was dirty!)

-touch up exterior paint (the trim around the windows, some of the trim by the roof)

-drive way touch up, oil stain clean up and resurface w tar

-flower boxes (I’m thinking of planting Lavender in them)

-garden boxes (herbs: Basil, rosemary, thyme, cilantro and sage)

x-portable garbage dump- wm (we totally cleaned out our garage, amazing how much crap you accumulate over the years!)

P-clean back yard : take down swing, get rid of old toys

x-clear countertops

x-org cabinets, pack away 1/2 capacity


S-Tile Bathroom

So yeah…a bit busy…..Its nuts really! We found a couple house we like though so we are determined to get our house ready by the end of the weekend. Wish us luck!!!


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