Prepping the House Exterior…AKA Mod the Facade

Some of the exterior things we have been doing to prep the house have included power washing, touching up paint and planting. We also had a gardening crew come in to edge the gardens and mulch. That made a huge difference!

Its seriously amazing how much power washing helps! You can see the before and after of the back patio below (AND YES….I ALWAYS DRESS LIKE THAT WHEN I POWER WASH….)

IMG_5489 IMG_5532

You can see power washing in progress on the wood deck here:


And I had my lil helpers aid in the planting activities:


P.s. evidently dirt is like popcorn to one year olds…srsly…look over and he is putting handfuls of the stuff in his mouth!


And then the touch up of the paint exterior (what I think I look like vs what I really look like)

IMG_5476 IMG_5385

But over all I think we did a great job ramping up the curb appeal. We have a lil more work to do this weekend, then a cleaning crew coming in on Monday to really make the house sparkle and finally the house goes on the market with the Broker Show on Wednesday! OH I hope we can get what we want for it! A similar model (but not at all updated) down the street just dropped their price by $30K! Thats gonna hurt us and really makes me worry that we won’t get what we need to get to be able to sell. But we shall see! I really hope the interior remodel and all the work we have been doing will bring our house value up to our number. We just re did the master bath too. But we are still asking like $60K more than that other house…..Aghghghghgh!!!!

But then nap time comes and this happens and it makes me feel like everything will be ok….at least until he wakes up and walks in the paint again….yeah….that actually happened.



2 thoughts on “Prepping the House Exterior…AKA Mod the Facade

    • Thanks! I hope it does too!!! I cant believe what a difference power washing makes! I usually just use the hose and hose it down, but wow! Def using this awesome piece of machinery on a regular basis!


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