Our Realtor put our house up on MLS last night and with in a couple hours already had 2 requests for showing the house! The broker show is tomorrow and we totally didn’t expect to have the house 100% before that so we were up all honkin’ night trying to finish all the lil odds and ends!

We had a cleaning crew come and make the place really sparkle and WOW, it has never EVER looked this clean. So nice! We worked on carpet stains -Now I gotta make a shout out to this Spot Shot stuff. We had a professional carpet cleaning company come in and they couldn’t get the blue dye stain out…this stuff KICKED ITS ASS! You spray it, let it sit for like 5 minutes, blot, repeat over and over and over again. Its crazy though, its almost gone here, its nearly totally gone now!


The Husband painted the boys room and replaced all the outlet/switch covers with shiny new ones


I replaced some of the torn screening, with Miles’ help, of course. (PS I put some bright red ombre in my hair…might be too bright…but makes me feel all cool and punk rock) (Yeah…thats right…Im the cool mom) (mom jeans are up next)


The only things we have left to make sure are done for the show tomorrow is putting up the new roman shades in the boys room (waited to last minute so they have less time to DESTROY THEM) and new closet doors in their room as well. Oh and we have to do some patch repair in one of our bathrooms.  ooo I have to take pictures and post of our master bathroom redo. The Husband and Chuck the Contractor rocked that job. More on that later in the week!

For now, fingers crossed for the two showings today! We have our Nanny bringing the boys and the pup across the street to our neighbors backyard while the showings are happening….hopefully that goes smoothly…but yeah 4 boys, her lil girl and a pup are gonna be tough to tote. I feel her pain! Hopefully the house sells quickly so the critter juggling doesn’t have to happen to often!


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