We put in a contract on a beautiful house (not my gorge dream tudor, but thats ok) and it has been accepted! SO EXCITED!

6 bedrooms! an office! a finished basement! high ceilings! 4 bathrooms! a playset! Huge deck! curved staircase! 3x the room of our current house! The basement will be a play area and hopefully the toys will not overtake the entire honkin house like it does in our wee dwelling now.

So here are a couple pics!


Already thinkin of paint colors and updates. First thing, gonna lightly whitewash the brick fireplace

LR LR -Grey Brick

Inspiration picture:


Then paint…but what color…

2229 Barrett LR -Grey Brick -TEAL 2229 Barrett LR -Grey Brick -grey paint 2229 Barrett LR -Grey Brick -BROWN 2229 Barrett LR -Grey Brick -BlueGray

I wanna do a reclaimed barnwood mantel and valance on the windows.

Then the kitchen…thinking I will paint it either Chocolate Brown or gray

2229 Barrett Kitchen2229 Barrett Kitchen -BROWN 2229 Barrett Kitchen -GRAY

Leaning toward chocolate like here:

Chocolate Kitchen inspiration

Then debating either carrying the chocolate over the the island base like in the pic or brining in a gray reclaimed wood look like here, and there is a great DIY way to do this with Stikwood, and then painting the living room gray, so it kinda merges the brown and gray. SO MUCH TO THINK ABOUT


So yeah…Im totally getting way ahead of myself, the ink is barely dry on the contract…and nothing is official until closing is complete and keys are in hand, which I know from previously burned experience, but I CANNOT HELP MY SELF!!!! OMG! CHANTAL STAAAAAHP!


12 thoughts on “CONTRACT ACCEPTED!…..AKA Gotta New House!

  1. So lovely! Not your dream tudor, but it looks like it will do. 😉 Love the idea to whitewash the fireplace! I so wish we had a fireplace…although it would be more for looks than function since we live in Florida! Congrats and I look forward to reading as you update the house to make it your home!

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