Yeah…that was indeed Tough and indeed Muddy! The ONLY thing I have done that is more difficult is probably the twins birth. But this was def harder than when I had Charlie or Ethan! So # 2 on most physically hard, mentally terrifying thing I have done.

Someone from the same day posted this video on YouTube w. a go pro…Really shows you what is going on! Def Check it out!

Oh and please note that I didn’t subject my phone to the mud and water so I pulled a bunch of pictures from the Tough Mudder facebook page from the Saturday event.

Ok so Friday night prep included carbloading. Which as glorious! And then an early bedtime.


Our start time was 11:30am and Richmond (crazy cute lil town on the Wisconsin border) is about an hour away so we made sure to leave by 9. I wore water resistant shorts, sports bra and tank top. Put my hair in a Katniss braid. We got some coffee and made our way north! Parking was in a different area (and 20$) so you had to park and then take a school bus (OMG FUN) to the Tough Mudder starting area. Get in line, get your number and wrist band and go in to hang until start time!


There was a dude getting everyone all excited and warmed up and then you get in line to start (the totally don’t check your start time btw) Before you enter the race you are in another holding area after climbing a wall, they do some more amp up and stuff like that and away you go!


Started off with running for probably a half mile and then you get to run in deep mud, lost my shoes multiple times!! And omg even walking in that mud is hard! The first obstacle was Kiss of Mud, where you pretty much have to belly crawl under barbed wire in…you guessed…mud! More running through corn fields and then the Berlin Wall. We needed our team for this one. The husband got me on his knee, then I was propped up to stand on his shoulders and climbed over the wall.WallClimb

More running and then ARTIC ENEMA! Gotta plunge under a fence into an ice bath…it was like 57 degrees out..this was evil and painful! Then you get on the other side of the fence, climb a wall and plunge again and then ย have to crawl out of the box. I needed to get The Husband to help me out of the box, my legs went completely numb!

ArticEnema Artic2

Next up was Balls Out, this one is a series of ropes that you have to go across a long wall with. I made it like 3 out of 8 ropes and then..yeah…gotta work on my upper body strength! Next was Devils Beard, you have to walk under a pretty heavy net…with mud.. then you walk through a muddy stream for a half mile or so.


Next was Beached Whale, another one where you def need a team and you will def skin your knees! OMG IT HURT!


This guy on the other side said he would catch me when I went down…yeah he totally missed and I rolled down a short hill full of wood chips…good time. Covered in mud and woodchips now. Maybe this will be the next version of tar and feather? Next up is Mud Mile. OH WOW WAS THIS ONE MESSY! And full of lil rocks so really tore up my knees and elbows. Fun though and had all sorts of muscly delicious guys helping me up the hills!

MudMile MudMiles2 MUD

Now you trudge through a long stream once again. Very smelly swampy water, but it felt glorious after being covered in mud and having your shoes full of mud and rocks! (oh somewhere in there was warrior carry..The Husband carried me…I liked that one ๐Ÿ™‚ ) At one point you could either go over or under a bridge. The water was up to the bridge and it was small, like 5 ft across. I thought I could do it, but the second I went under and my head hit the wood on top, I totally panicked. Uber claustrophobia hit and I backed up and opted to go over instead. But hey, got some of the mud out of my hair!

The next obstacle was Shawshanked. You crawl upward through a tub and throw yourself into water. This one had an hour wait…so we totally skipped it…


Then we had the tear gas. This one wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Smelled very menthol, like icy hot. Didn’t burn, kinda made breathing a lil hard, but not too hard. The only part that was tricky was that you couldn’t see so when you got to the end, didn’t realize that you had to go up instead of forward. I hit my head on the wood and thought I was lost. But figured it out ๐Ÿ™‚

TearGas TearGas2

Next up was Liberator. This was all upper body strength You have to move pegs up the wood holes and drag yourself up. I tried, but didn’t get far so ended up skipping. The Husband rocked it though!


Next was Walk the Plank…this one looked really easy… I wasn’t worried. Turn out to be THE MOST TERRIFYING EXPERIENCE OF MY DAY! Kinda forgot I have a thing with heights. I get up there and Um yeah…Totally freaked out. Started shaking like a loon, the guy up there kept counting down from three to get me to jump ( he was totally sweet) and I would get like a half inch closer to the edge. The Husband was already down and was encouraging me to go. And then saw how scared I was and told me it was ok if I wanted to turn around and skip this one. But I did it. I jumped. And took like forever to recover from the flipping terror of heights. THIS PICTURE DOES NOT DO IT JUSTICE! ITS LIKE YOUR JUMPING FROM Aย DAMN HIGH RISE!


After this I started really feeling my aches and pains. It was roughly 7 miles in. My right hip and knee were in bad shape so we stopped doing any running and kept to walking. More mud and water and then you get to another wall climb. I was toast at this point, so was The Husband, not to mention you need your team and ours went a head at the last stream walk cuz we were wimpy slow ๐Ÿ™‚ We also skipped Everest (going up a high ramp to get help from those on top) and Funky Munky (monkey bars) But we did go through Electroshock, which was the last obstacle. We opted to belly crawl through the mud rather than run through, and neither of us got shocked. PHEW! My cousin got hit w. one of those suckers and said it hurt like a BEOTCH!


AND THEN~ THE END! THE GLORIOUS END! THE TORTURE WAS OVER! GOT MY HEADBAND! The Husband and I were very much a mess, but this was nothing compared to after the mud mile. That one gave me a mud wedgie…srsly…it was weird.

MUDDYafterย Shoes

Gave our shoes to the shoe charity, showered (btw there was no getting warm at this point, pretty sure we were all slightly hypothermic) I bundled up in my sweats and layers that were in my backpack (they had a tent for ladies and one for gents to change in) (btw there was no privacy, but we were all too damn tired to care. I changed in front of the tent flap, but whatever, I wanted warm clothes!)

Got home and took a loooong hot shower, until that point I was still having major issues getting warm. Then VEGGED ON THE COUCH. It was the most wonderful veg of the couch ever. Took stock….Sunburn…tore up knees, jagged and never clean again nails. But Charlie kissed the booboos on my knees. The sweet lil guy ๐Ÿ™‚ Crazy that even though it was cold and overcast, got cooked with sunburn. Note to self…next year use waterproof sunscreen! I will def do it again next year…this time w the goal of doing ALL the obstacles! So glad I did it though! I def feel tough ๐Ÿ™‚

PostShower ScrapedKnees Suburn



  1. Well done you!!!! I’ve always thought Tough Mudder sounded like good fun, but that sounds and looks like torture, ouch!!! The pictures look fab though, bet you felt AMAZING when you finished!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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