Is this Vertigo?

Ok this is more a question to the public rather than a blog post. Since Sunday I have been experiencing some funkiness….and its getting progressively more funky. I feel 100% healthy other wise, no nasal issues, no soreness or anything in my through, no nausea. But something is up.

So its kinda faintness meets a lil dizziness meets medicine head meets tunnel vision/spotty vision and its at its worst when I am walking.  I only seem to get it sitting when I turn my head really fast.

Is this vertigo?

Should I be worried?

Should I be high tailing it to the hospital or will it just snap back and go away?

halp1 cinderellafrog


2 thoughts on “Is this Vertigo?

  1. I had very similar symptoms. Just go to the ENT and you’ll probably find it not to be anything concerning. I was having an inner ear problem that they were able to fix with some quick physical therapy in the office. I know it really makes you feel off.

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