Road Trip!….AKA 4 Boys in a Minivan = CHAOS

We went to Michigan to visit The Husbands family this weekend. Good times, chaotic, crazy, constantly chasing babies, but good times!

We did it right on the way there, left at 7 PM so they slept most of the time. And OH the person who decided to put the DVD player option in minivans is a GENIUS! Got to listen to Aladdin, Finding Nemo and Frozen for the trips while the rugrats were awake.  For the car ride home, they were awake the WHOLE TIME. Miles cried THE WHOLE TIME (unless I was performing seat twisty gymnastics where I rubbed the top of his head which was behind me) (I need more yoga) (must get more bendy just for roadtrips)

So when traveling with kids follow these words of advise:

1) If you don’t have a DVD player in your car, bring a portable

2) Have LOTS of snacks and drinks. The unmessy kind. (peanut butter crackers, juice boxes ect)

3) Leave at night so they sleep!

4) Do more yoga to make car gymnastics and climbing over seats more easily done.

5) Do NOT pack the baby wipes in the trunk

SO here is a look at what happens when you stay somewhere that is not baby proofed (PLEASE NOTE! I do NOT expect people to baby proof for us. We just gotta roll w. the punches…and toilet paper…and rubber bands)

Emptying of various drawers


Cleverly using our luggage to block babies from stairs..(yeah…didn’t work) ( but hey, Jack got a ton of stair climbing practice in)


Of course, Ethan found tools, and places to stick them



Luggage does not Charlie Proof for stairs


Thankfully we found some rubber bands to help keeps babies out of some areas


But they still found plenty to play with


One of the great times was taking the older two for walks in the forest behind Grandma and Grandpa’s place. We saw so much stuff! At one point we heard a crazy noise that was getting closer and closer…the only thing I could liken it to was a dragon (NOTE TO SELF: Do not tell Charlie this next time, poor kid thought we were about to become a meal) but it was a hot air balloon! We chased it for a while, so fun!


Saw lots of cool trees and flowers. Some animals, a deer and a bunch of chipmunks. Collected wildflowers for Grandma Kim and Grandma Cardinale. It was great!

IMG_6356  IMG_6377 IMG_6388 IMG_6392

They had so much fun playing with their cousins and seeing the family. And everyone just loved how hilarious and cute the lil demon horde is. Yeah they are pretty honkin cute, I make some cute kids.

IMG_6279 IMG_6285

Hehee found this picture of The Husband when he was lil. I think he is an Ethan clone, but he thinks Im nuts. (So I guess he helped me make these cute kids too…)

IMG_6308 IMG_6336

And we found a bunch of The Husbands old Star Wars toys! SO EXCITED!!!!

IMG_6353 IMG_6354

And this one not only is fully walking, but found some weights…gotta future Tough Mudder finisher in the making!IMG_6313

And this picture is the one Im most excited about. Twins: Age 1 Great-Great-Grandpa: Age 100!IMG_6333


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