Crazy Things My Kid Says AND CharlieSNAPS (or possibly ETHANsnaps)

Oh the stuff this lil guys says (Charlie, age 4):

1. “I would run with you, but I’m faster than The Flash”

2. “There’s a noise in my window, it sounds like Ethan” (what?)

3. (while brushing my hair) “How long do you want your hair? Like Rupunzel?” (He thinks it grows when he brushes it)

4. “Mom, your belly is way bigger than mine” (thanks buddy) (true though)

5. (hand down the back of pants) “Mom, I think I found the hole the poop comes out of!” (EW, WASH YOUR HANDS!)

6. (After the cat pounced on a passing dog that barked at us in the front yard) ” Thats our cat. You better watch out, he guards us”

AND NOW, CHARLIE SNAPS (Or possibly EthanSnaps…they both steal my phone now):

At least Im giving him a thumbs up this time 🙂


Ethan must have taken this one…Charlie’s pants are always falling down his skinny butt!


A Shoe…


Mama Getting ready for a run…


Ah I must be playing Fable here! (best game ever, btw)


Nap Time…well, for one of them at least (I suspect the other is standing on the bed…hmmm)


Ethan Cuddling w Mama



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