My Mudrun Temp Threshold is Now 60 Degrees….aka MUDERELLA!

I did the Muderella mudrun this weekend (cuz I didn’t torture myself enough with tough mudder!) It was 45….and rainy….and it was cold…and wet….and muddy….and yeah. Sorry…this post is a bit of pity party!

LOVED the obstacles

We had crawling through the mud, piggyback rides (picture below!), climbing through a tube, climbing over a wall, planking over a ditch and shimming over. (the top 2 pics are ones that I am actually in, others from the website) I completed nearly all of them and it really made me feel like a rock star. The only one I couldn’t tackle was the rope climb. I will have to learn how to climb a rope….esp when its muddy. I kept sliding down!

chanstefCarry3 ChantalBalance

I bought a white mesh jacket to where over my windbreaker on purpose…just to illustrate the mud properly!

OH and Mud Run Tip: Where shorts or tight leggings. My partner in crime wore yoga pants that were bootleg, and they kept pooling under her feet!

Tough-TaTas New-Heights Dirty-Downward-Dog

Another bonus was that this was only 5 miles. But this one was just as tough as tough mudder due to the weather conditions! We had a ton of fun, but the really hard part was after. There is no area to really get warm, so you try to shower (with zero water pressure) to get the mud off your clothes, and then find ways to bundle up and then wait in the 1 and half hour line to get on the bus back to the parking lot. Thats where it really started to get tough. Waiting in that line, cold and wet. For an hour and half. OMG. Anyway I got sick as a dog and was super weak and nauseous for days after. The Husband was pretty much on his own with the lil guys and packing of the house for 2 days. (oh yeah, Ill do a blog update about the house progress later this week)

SO a new law has been enacted for this mama! If there is any water involved, must be 60 degrees or I am staying inside!

Unless of course these mudruns maybe make some beverages other than beer, like hot cocoa, available post race? please? pretty pretty please? I would have paid like an insane amount of money for a hot cocoa that day! (mmmm and now that sounds good…. I might be making a hot cocoa run)

On the bright side…my eyeliner stayed intact 🙂

IMG_6428 IMG_6436


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