Au Pair Interviewing

We have started interviewing Au Pairs and talking w. our placement consultant. One thing that surprised me was that they recommended a male au pair. This honestly had not even crossed my mind! Now I really want a guy (a manny?) to watch the kids. He will be like a big brother. They will love that! A lot of the male au pairs have a lot of exp with sports, teaching kids how to play different games and music in addition to their childcare experience, which is awesome!

We were going with Eur Au Pair, but they have small pool to choose from and not as many au pairs in the area for ours to become friends with, which is helpful toward having a happy au pair 🙂 Now we are going with Culture Care. Our rep lives in the same town as we do and there are over 20 au pairs with this company with in an hour of our house. Awesome! They have monthly meetings/activities to experience fun things to do in the area as a group.

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We have had one interview with a young lady in Thailand and she was very very sweet an enthusiastic. Then we got the idea of having male au pair, though and are kinda stuck on the idea! We have two interview set up this week. A guy name Michel from a small town in Germany and David from Czech Republic. When you look at their profiles it gives a ton of info. There is a letter from the au pair introducing himself and giving you a run down, in his own words, of why they want to be an au pair, their experience and interests. Info about their family, lifestyle and preferences. Info about their childcare experience, references from those experiences and other work experience.  A run down of their skills, hobbies, driving experience and swimming capabilities and finally the info from their personality and health screening. The website shows that they have gone through screening, orientation, interview processes, criminal background check and provides the interviewers notes.  Its really great.

We interview through Skype. This is useful because you really get a feel for their personality and their English skills. Part of the reason many of them want to do the au pair gig is because they want to improve their English, so I am by no means looking for perfect fluency, just making sure that we can communicate. Im really looking forward to talking to these two. We have to have an au pair picked out by Monday if we are going to get an August arrival so hopefully we are crazy about one or both of them! Fingers crossed!


4 thoughts on “Au Pair Interviewing

    • Im really excited about it! Learning about a different culture will be awesome, for both the kids and The Husband and I 🙂 We are hoping to pick up some cross culture cooking skills NOM


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