Filling up the House…AKA Craigslist and Garage Sales are My Friend!

Now that we have all this room….we need to fill up this house! But yeah….not going to by new furniture with 4 destructive adorable boys wrestling, spilling, coloring, cutting, writing on, having accidents, vomiting, jumping, practicing ninja skills and many other activities….on said furniture. SO USED STUFF IT IS!

Over the passed month I have joined a dozen facebook garage sale sites and continuously troll craigslist in my local area. I have found some AMAZING STEALS and DEALS! And some very unnecessary but cool stuff as well ( I got an antique barn pulley for 5 bucks…what am I gonna do with it? I HAVE NO IDEA BUT ITS SO COOL! ILL FIND SOMETHING! I WILL!)

So here are some of my finds…and some plans I have for them.

Navy blue couch w. pull out bed and came w. pillows….$250


Navy Blue Recliner $50


Brown leather couch….$20…yeah..


White plastic stools…$40 (and awesome, the kids cant stain these suckers!)


Oak entertainment center with a bunch of fun DVD/Blue ray organization pull out shelves..$300

I may paint this or at least gray wash it to make it look more modern/barn wood or something. We shall see.IMG_6982

Awesome Desk $100 You cant see the actual chair we got w. it here, I forgot to take a pic, but its black leather. Its purty. $35


Antique Chair $5. I have a bench that matches this. I bought some dye and I want to dye the cream a Emerald Green or Navy Blue. MAYBE paint the legs white or go Tron style and paint them metallic silver. Hmmmmm


Patio table and 2 chairs $50. Need to get more chairs for it, but for now its A-OK!


Those are the steals so far. Pretty happy with them! We also got a free fuseball table from my office, as well as another office chair. OH and 2 toddler beds for 30$ last month that I totally forgot about. One is broken so I  am going to attempt to ….turn it into a coffee table….kinda crazy excited for that one. The other one will be used in the boys room for the 2 year old monkey. We MAY be getting king size tempurpedic this week for 500$….but we shall see. Gotta figure out how to haul it. But yeah…I am having way too much fun on these sites!


7 thoughts on “Filling up the House…AKA Craigslist and Garage Sales are My Friend!

    • And its nice quality stuff too! I was so worried that the 20$ leather couch would end up being crap when I saw it in person, but its awesome! I swear, finding good deals makes my day!

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